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Mar 12, 2018

The most recent NA CSGO roster changes, brought to you by dusT & tolkienfanatic. We talk about NAF signing for Team Liquid, nahtE signing for NRG, jkaem joining Renegades, and more, in this episode of Rivalry Rundown.

Skip Ahead:

  • 1:25 - Team Liquid signing NAF
  • 13:48 - NRG signing nahtE
  • 23:45 - Renegades signing jkaem
  • 31:07 - compLexity makes several changes including signing FNS as the new IGL, Rambo as a coach, Professor Chaos as an analyst, and s0m as a streamer (for now).
  • 42:58 - Splyce signing XotiC
  • 47:54 - Rogue signing SicK and gmd
  • 55:50 - Dignitas signing the former SoaR (now with m1tch for Snakes) and making their NA EPL debut
  • 1:02:14 - Do any of these newer or lower end EPL teams have a shot at doing something? Who will make up the middle of the pack of NA now that CLG and Misfits are gone?
  • 1:04:54 - GX becoming Torqued and adding Steel and koosta
  • 1:15:02 - Final thoughts

So we've covered the NA CSGO roster changes, but what about EU? Don't worry, we've got you covered!


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