The International 2018. What an event, what an amazing journey, and how many surprises there were. Rivalry enjoyed every second of it, and we hope you did too.

TI8 was a rollercoaster of emotions, and an experience which topped that of previous Internationals. Both Valve and the Dota 2 community outdid themselves, cosplays were awesome, the short films were impressive, new heroes got announced, and some new people got the spotlight. Learning about the Mara Cup was quite something, and we wish Mara-God keeps up doing a great work! Sheever's story was most touching, and we appreciate her for talking about her experience, for being an amazing role model, as well as all of the people involved in making this happen. Truly, an unforgettable event.

Now, a month after TI8 ended, we're well into new teams being formed, getting ready for the Major in November. Reinessa and Lacoste talked about the roster shuffle, watch it here.