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Mar 7, 2018

In this Rivalry Rapid Recap dusT talks about a lot of tournaments, the most recent ones and the upcoming ones. Fnatic winning IEM Katowice 2018, FaZe coming close, news from Dreamhack and more!

  • 0:19 - The Headlines
  • 1:11 - Fnatic wins IEM Katowice 2018
  • 5:40 - FaZe makes another finals but again falls short of taking the title
  • 7:36 - Team Liquid continues to look sharp with NAF on board
  • 9:38 - Some more stories to take away from IEM Katowice 2018
  • 11:37 - WESG 2017 World Finals kick off this week
  • 12:50 - DreamHack has come out with more information for their Masters events in Marseilles and Stockholm
  • 14:09 - IEM come out with some information for their next event in Sydney
  • 14:50 - The NA team list for ECS Season 5 has been completed and Rise Nation may be on the way to eUnited
  • 15:50 - Some news regarding Gamerz Season 2 and some reports regarding their first season
  • 17:42 - Immi signs with NRG as a coach
  • 18:53 - Imperial signs Mans Not Hot
  • 19:35 - Closing remarks. Give us some feedback!

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