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Dec 21, 2018

ScreaM CSGO - Who is ScreaM?

If you're a fan of Counter Strike you've likely heard of ScreaM, we hope you enjoy learning more through our ScreaM CSGO player analysis. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom (1994) is a Belgian rifler currently playing under the NoChance banner. Fabled for his uncanny ability to click away and find one-tap headshots, he’s been an omnipresent player in the Counter-Strike scene over the decade, starting out in Source before transitioning to CS:GO in 2012. He was picked up by VeryGames is 2013, winning back-to-back ESL Major Series One titles before falling to NiP in the semi-finals of the first CS:GO major, DreamHack Winter 2013.

He would go on to play an important part in the failed Titan experiment before spending some time on Epsilon and Kinguin. He was a player of G2 Esports for most of 2016 before transitioning to Team Envy in February 2017. Recently, he played as a stand-in for Fnatic before joining up with Maikelele, kRYSTAL, Radifaction and nukkye as part of NoChance.

He was rated 2013’s seventh-best and 2016’s ninth-best CS:GO player by

Not to be confused with Patrck Roth, the former Swedish 1.6 player who won DreamHack Summer 2002 with NiP.

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