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Sep 22, 2019

An upset-ridden event in Budapest concluded with HUNDEN’s Danes besting in the grand final, taking home the lion’s share of the €300,000 EUR prize pool.

The Danish side book-ended the tournament with a victory over the side they’ve defeated in the opening game a few days prior, capping off an impressive run which involved a close defeat to mousesports and an ultimately comfortable triumph over MIBR in the semi-finals. Not bad for the team which only set a win over one of their individual big-name opponents as their goal for the event!

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The highlight of Tricked’s run was their 2-0 win over FalleN’s men, defeating them on Overpass and Dust 2 in impressive fashion before taking down the final in a three-map series.

Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen won HLTV’s MVP award of the event, edging out acoR and sjuush alongside MICHU.

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