It's now been a year since one of Counter-Strike's best analysts began an adventure in the world of coaching, first with MiBR, then as part of the FaZe entourage. How did things shake out since then? It's a mixed bag for sure.

ynk coaching career
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It has to be said that YNk hasn't exactly taken the easiest of assignments: both MiBR and FaZe were highly dysfunctional at the time of his arrival, and it's clear that the Brazilians haven't managed to make any improvement at all once they got rid of him. By the same token MiBR's record against top sides was fairly awful under his watch: 1-7 against Astralis, 1-2 against Na’Vi, 0-3 against Liquid and 1-3 (plus a draw) against FaZe Clan, culminating in a 0-16 loss to the Danes in the group stage of the FACEIT Major. The data also doesn't indicate any sort of a meaningful improvement with FaZe either, and the overall records and winrates don't seem to differ greatly across his two coaching assignments.

Perhaps the most interesting (and most mysterious) element of this all is how much of an impact a coach has in the first place: what can you expect from the "sixth man" in a game of Counter-Strike when data shows there's limited relevance of people in the same role in football? And whatever that ratio is, is the Serbian performing above or below the line? While these questions are tough to answer, it makes sense to suggest that we've all lost more with his departure from the analyst role than either of these teams gained by his employment as a coach.