It's time to make your dreams a reality! The next World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 introduces Dreamsurge, a new weekly World Quest feature sure to spice up the Dragon Isles zones.

This new patch is just around the corner, set to go live on September 5-6. Many fun new features will arrive on the popular MMO, including a communication ping system, class balance changes, and even minor updates to the mega-dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite.

WoW 10.1.7 will be a minor patch as Blizzard prepares to launch Season 3 for Dragonflight, but there's still much to unpack, so let's dive in!

When with WoW Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 become live?

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 will go live on public servers on September 5-6. NA players will have the luxury of experiencing all the new changes first. In contrast, EMEA servers must wait until the traditional Wednesday weekly reset on September 6 to enjoy the latest patch.

What's new in WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7?


The new Dreamsurge feature is the most exciting change in this minor patch. Each week, one of the four original zones on the Dragon Isles will be affected. New World Quests will happen in the Dreamsurge-affected zone, with new weeklies and activities. Group rares will also have unique and advanced powers with a chance to drop upgraded gear.

The Dreamsurge also introduces new Waking Dream portals in the affected zone. A Major Waking Dream portal will spawn as a group event every half an hour. Players that manage to clear them will reward raid-level gear. For solo players, minor Waking Dream portals will also be available.

Players within the Dreamsurge will also grain various buffs, with a new active buff every half hour. Players can help choose which buff by collecting and turning in Dreamsurge Coalescence, earned through doing World Quests, finding hidden stashes, and killing group rares.

New Ping System

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 will bring an accessibility ping system to World of Warcraft! Players can communicate with their team without using voice or text chat. Sometimes, you could be too shy to use a microphone, but typing a message to your raid party took too long, so the ping system is a happy medium! Players can warn their allies or ping to say they are on their way.

All players will need to do is ping what they want to say by holding "G" and the "Left Mouse Button" to open up the ping wheel. Players can also send contextual pings by holding G and clicking the enemy, the ground, or unit frames. If these buttons are already bound, you can change them in the Options.

This is a well-needed addition seen in other online games like League of Legends and Valorant and will be a welcome addition to the popular MMO. Macro support is available for the following ping commands "/ping, /pingattack, /pingonmyway, /pingassist, pingwarning." Still, a tutorial for the Ping system will be available in Options.

  • Ping System settings added to the Options panel.
  • Ping chat lines are available for Text-to-Speech.
  • Pings can be restricted to leaders and assistants in the group control menu.

Holiday Events: Hallow's End

The days are getting shorter and darker as Hallow's End is approaching, bringing tons of new content! For the Headless Horseman dungeon encounter, players can increase the difficulty of the instance by speaking to the Wicker Men at the dungeon's entrance. These curses and new mechanics are not party-wide, afflicted only the players that want them enabled.

There will be new holiday rewards for Brewfest, Day of the Dead, Hallow's End, and Pirate's Day. New content for Hallow's End will be added to the PTR for two weeks, so players can hop on, review the content, and provide feedback.

Class Balance Changes

Monk (Mistweaver)

  • New Talent: Energizing Brew. Mana Tea now channels 50% faster and generates 20% more mana.
  • Mana Tea ability redesigned. For every 25K mana at level 50, players will gain one stack of Mana Tea, with a chance equal to the player's critical strike chance to generate an extra stack. Activate to consume one stack of Mana Tea per 0.5 seconds to restore 3K mana and reduces the mana cost of spells by 50% for one second per Mana Tea stack after drinking.
  • Lifecycles redesigned. Vivify has a 25% chance to cause the new Rising Sun Kick or Enveloping Mist to generate one stack of Mana Tea. Enveloping Mist and Rising Sun Kick have a 25 percent chance to cause your next Vivify to develop one stack of Mana Tea.
  • Talent Trees redesigned. Mastery of Mist will be a baseline effect for Renewing Mist. Invigorating Mists moved to Mastery of Mists' previous location. The locations of Mists of Life and the Nourishing Chi / Calming Coalescence choice node have swapped.
  • Mana Tea ability can be cast while moving, but movement speed is reduced by 40% while channeling.
  • Spirit of the Crane has been removed.

Druid (Restoration)

  • New Talent: Master Shapeshifter. Abilities are amplified based on the current shapeshift form, granting an additional effect.
  • Bear Form: – Ironfur gives 30% additional armor and generates 2.5K mana.
  • Cat Form: Rip, Ferocious Bite, and Maim deal 60 percent additional damage and generate 10K mana (at level 70) when cast with five combo points.
  • Moonkin Form: Wrath, Starfire, and Starsurge deal 30 percent additional damage and generate 2.5K mana (at level 70).
  • New Talent: Grove Guardians. Summons a Treant, which will immediately cast Swiftmend on your current target. The Treant will cast Nourish on that target or a nearby ally periodically. Lasts 15 seconds. Maximum three charges. Replaces Nourish.
  • Wild Synthesis updated. If talented into Grove Guardians, now causes treants to cast Wild Growth immediately when summoned, healing allies within 40 yards over seven seconds.
  • Embrace of the Dream is now a one-point talent, and healing has been decreased by 20%.
  • All healing spells reduced by 6%. Does not apply in PvP combat.
  • Removed: Forest's Flow and Deep Focus. 

Paladin (Holy)

  • Tower of Radiance has been redesigned. Flash of Light and Holy Light now generate one Holy Power.

Priest (All)

  • Angel's Mercy has been redesigned. Now reduces the cooldown of Desperate Prayer by 20 seconds.

PvP Class Changes

There are only changes to two major classes and specializations moving forward into the Dragonflight 10.1.7 patch notes: Vengeance Demon Hunter and Restoration Druid.

Demon Hunter (Vengeance)

  • Illidan's Grasp redesigned. Players can strangle the target with demonic magic, stunning them and dealing Shadow damage over five seconds while the target is grasped.
  • Players can move while channeling Illidan's Grasp.
  • Use Illidan's Grasp again to throw the target to a location within 40 yards, stunning them and nearby enemies for three seconds, dealing Shadow damage.

Druid (Restoration)

  • Master Shapeshifter removed as a PvP talent tree option
  • All healing reduced by 4%.

Dungeons and Raids

Dawn of the Infinite

  • The mega-dungeon has been split into two separate dungeons on Heroic difficulty: Galakrond’s Fall and Murozond’s Rise. Players can use Dungeon Finder or walk into the instance to access Heroic difficulty.
  • The original Mythic difficulty will continue for players who prefer that challenge.

System Changes

  • Added a "Sell All Junk" button to vendors.
  • Added an animation for the new mail icon.
  • The Quest icon has been updated.
  • Ready Check prompt frame art has been updated
  • Made the scroll bar more noticeable in the Dragon Isles Summary Window

Final Thoughts

That's everything we currently know about the early patch notes for WoW Dragonflight 10.1.7. As we still have a good two weeks to go until this patch officially launches on live servers, remember to check back on this article to see if anything new has been added.

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