With the Mid-Season Invitation pro tournament just around the corner, Riot is rolling out a fresh League of Legends patch, 13.7, to help define the meta in time for the competition.

Azir will get a much-needed buff, while other powerhouse champions like Veigar and Zeri will get slight tweaks to their kits and damage numbers. Some Jungle champions like Graves, Sejuani and Kha'Zix have also had some champion adjustments to improve their viability in the Jungle.

Here are the early release patch 13.7 notes for League of Legends!

When will LoL patch 13.7 come out?

According to Riot Games' official patch schedule, the patch 13.7 release date will be Wednesday, April 5. The patch will be rolled out across the day - here are the critical patch rollout times for all major League of Legends servers worldwide.

  • 3AM PT (NA)
  • 5AM BST (EU West)
  • 3AM CET (EU North East)

As with all patch releases, there will be several hours of downtime while the patch is rolled out. Matchmaking and competitive queues will be disabled before the update is made live.

What's new with League of Legends Patch 13.7?

Some heroes getting buffs will include Jungle champions Olaf, Sejuani, Lee Sin, and Kha'Zix. There will be some other champion nerfs.

There are no significant updates in the LoL patch 13.7, as Milio the Gentle Flame has only just arrived on the scene. He has seen some success in his games, with a positive win rate of 51.58% so far. Only time will tell if this success continues in ranked matches.

Most of the champions released in 2022 were characters with high skill ceilings, so Riot is attempting to be more approachable and beginner-friendly with their releases this year, as seen with the Yuumi rework to make her more accessible.

Players can expect new skins to arrive in Patch 13.7, with a fan-favorite skin set returning. It's raining cats and dogs in Summoner's Rift, as four champions will get some brand-new kitty-cat and dog-themed skins.

Kled, Kindred, and, ironically, Yuumi will also be decorated in dog-themed costumes. At the same time, Nidalee will get a kitty-cat makeout. All four characters will have colorful chromas for players to truly personalize their cosmetics with for some additional flair. All four Epic-skins and their Riot Points (RP) prices are listed below.

  • Kibble-Head Kled - 1,350RP
  • Kittalee Nidalee - 1,350RP
  • Shiba Yuumi - 1,350RP
  • Woof and Lamb Kindred - 1,350RP

League of Legends Patch Notes 13.7

Here is everything we know about LoL patch 13.7 so far, set to be released on April 5. There are several champion buffs, champion adjustments, and some tweaks to some items. Please bear in mind that these are only early patch notes and can be changed until they are released by Riot.

All Champion Changes


  • Armor increased from 44 to 47.
  • Base health increased from 670 to 685.


  • Molten Shield (E ability) - Cooldown increased from 12-8 seconds to 12-10 seconds. Base shield reduced from 60-220 to 60-200.


  • Armor increased from 19 to 22.
  • Attack speed growth increased from 5 to 6 percent.
  • Conquering Sands (Q ability) - mana cost increased from 65-85 to 70-110. Stab range reduced from 370 to 325.
  • Shurima's Legacy (Passive) - Duration increased from 30 to 45.
  • Arise! (W ability) - Mana cost changed to 30-20. Damage per rank increased from 50-99 to 50-118. Total damage increased from 50-200 to 50-210.


  • Critical bonus increased from 20 to 30%.
  • (R-Ultimate) Collateral Damage - Cooldown reduced from 120-60 to 100-60.


  • Attack damage growth increased from 3.5 to 3.75.
  • Oathsworn Bond Ceremony shortened by 4 seconds.


  • Voracity (Passive) - Dagger ability power ratio increased to 70-100% from 65-95.
  • Death Lotus (R - Ultimate) - Bonus AD ratio changed from 18% bonus attack damage (plus 30% bonus attack damager per 100% bonus attack speed) to 16% bonus attack damage (plus 50% bonus attack damage per 100% bonus attack speed).


  • Unseen Threat (Passive) - Isolation range reduced from 425 to 375,
  • Void Spike (W ability) - Evolution slow reduced to 40%. Isolated slow reduced from 90 to 75%.
  • Void Assault (R - Ultimate) - Duration increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

Lee Sin

  • Base attack damage reduced from 68 to 66.
  • Base attack range reduced from 36 to 34.


  • Berserker Rage (Passive) - Attack speed reduced from 40-100 to 40-80%.
  • Undertow (Q ability) - Damage reduced from 70-270 to 65-265.


  • Defensive Ball Curl (W ability) - Percentage bonus armor reduced from 40-100 to 4-80%.


  • Fury of the North (Passive) - Elite monster damage cap reduced from 300 to 250.
  • Arctic Assault (Q ability) - Cooldown increased from 18-12 to 19-13.
  • Glacial Prison (R- Ultimate) - Cooldown increased from 120-80 to 130-90 seconds.


  • Death Sentence (Q ability) - Cooldown refund on-hit reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.


  • Baleful Strike (Q ability) - AP ratio changed to 45-65% from 60%.
  • Dark Matter (W ability) - AP ratio changed from 100 to 70-110%.
  • Primordial Burst (R- Ultimate) - AP ratio changed from 75 to 65-75%.


  • Vault Breaker (Q ability) - Damage adjusted from 55-115 to 45-145 (plus 80% base attack damage).
  • Relentless Force (E ability) - Attack damage ratio increased from 110-120%. Ability power ratio increased from 90 to 100%.


  • Base attack damage reduced from 68 to 66.
  • Warrior Trickster (W ability) - Cooldown increased from 22-12 to 22-14.
  • Nimbus Strike (E ability) - Bonus attack speed reduced from40-60 to 35-55%.


  • Sweeping Blade damage amp (E ability) - Changed from 25% base damage per stack to two stacks, plus 15-25% total damage per stack - scaling with champion level - up to four stacks.
  • Way of the Wanderer (Passive) - Shield increased from 100-475 to 100-575.


  • Health growth reduced from 115 to 110.
  • Lightning Crash (R-Ultimate) - Attack damage ratio reduced from 100 to 85%.
  • Living Battery (Passive) - Shield Steal reduced from 60 to 50%.


Abyssal Mask

  • Health increased from 500 to 550.

Catalyst of Aeons

  • Total cost increased from 1,100 to 1,300.
  • Health increased from 225 to 300.

Cosmic Drive

  • Removed with patch 13.7 notes.

Death's Dance

  • Attack damage reduced from 65 to 55.
  • Attack range reduced from 50 to 45.
  • Haste increased from 0 to 15.

In-game System Adjustments

The "Grievous Wounds" system has been slightly overhauled for LoL patch 13.7.

Oblivion Orb, Morellonomicon, Chemtech Purifier, Chemtech Chainsword, Executioner's Calling, and Mortal Reminder now all apply grievous wounds to targets that would completely block it with a shield previously. Invulnerable targets will still no longer have Grievous Wounds applied.

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see how these patch 13.7 notes alter the meta and champion picks leading up to the MSI in May. Stay tuned with Rivalry, where we will have in-depth coverage of the MSI as events unfold.

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