The Mid-Season Invitational patch notes are finally here! League of Legends Patch 13.8 is dishing out tons of small buffs, nerfs and tweaks to several champions in a much-needed meta shake-up just in time for the pro tournament starting on May 2.

As always with a new patch, there will be some new cosmetics to look forward to, including some new additions to the Mythic Shop. The next Your Shop, full of personalized offers, will return in patch 13.8 on Thursday April 27, 2023.

Here are all the details about League patch 13.8.

When will LoL patch 13.8 come out?

According to Riot Games' official patch schedule, patch 13.8 rolled out on April 18 in preparation for the Mid-Season Invitational on May 2. Check out our previous patch notes for 13.7.

  • 3AM PT (NA)
  • 5AM BST (EU West)
  • 3AM CET (EU North East)

What's new with League of Legends patch 13.8 notes?

League of Legends fans have tons of champion changes, bug fixes and qualify of life updates to dive into, and some new cosmetics to spend their Riot Points on!

The Dawn/Nightbringer epic skin set will see four new additions: Dawnbringer Renekton, Dawnbringer Vayne, Nightbringer Jarvan VI and Nightbringer Nasus. These four skins will surely become some of the best League has ever seen. Each skin will also have its own set of colorful chromas to be purchased from the store, so keep an eye out!

Fans can also see the new Mythic Shop rotation, featuring Prestige True Damage Senna, Prestige Nightbringer Kayn, and Mythic Chroma Dawnbringer Riven. Leaving the Mythic Shop, we have Prestige Fuzz Fizz and Prestige Ascended Pantheon.

League of Legends 13.8 Patch Notes

The Riot balance team is prioritizing bringing some neglected champions into the spotlight just in time for the MSI 2023. Around 14 champions will get some minor tweaks, buffs, and nerfs in a meta shake-up. These champions range from Lillia getting jungle buffs to Aurelion Sol being tweaked just after his CGU.

All Champion Changes

Aurelion Sol

  • Health growth decreased from 95 to 90.
  • Armor growth decreased from 4.3 to 4.


  • Base attack damage increased from 60 to 62.


  • Base attack damage increased from 66 to 69.
  • Base armor increased from 36 to 38.


  • W - Zephyr - Magic damage increased by 10 + 60% ability power.
  • E - Eye of the Storm - Shield Decay timer increased from 1.25 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Jarvan VI

  • Attack damage growth decreased from 3.4 to 3.
  • Q - Dragon Strike - Physical damage decreased by 10.


  • E - Shadow Step - Shadow Assassin bonus move speed decreased from 80% to 70%.
  • E - Shadow Step - Shadow Assassin Cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.


  • Q - Taste Their Fear - Physical damage increased by 10.


  • Passive - Icathian Surprise - Kog'Maw is now ghosted while in his passive form. True damage increased from 125-550 (based on level) to 150-650 (based on level).
  • Q - Caustic Spittle - Cooldown decreased from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • E - Void Ooze - Mana cost reduced by 20. Slow increased by 10.


  • W - Eclipse - Bonus armor and magic resistance increased by 5.
  • W - Eclipse - Magic damage increased by 10.


  • Passive - Dream-Laden Bough - Monster damage cap increased from 50-150 (based on level) to 70-150 (based on level).
  • Passive - Dream-Laden Bough - Healing against monsters increased from 24-75 +5.4% AP (based on level) to 39-54 + 15% AP (based on level).
  • Passive - Dream-Laden Bough - Healing against champions changed from 6-120 (based on level) +18%AP to 6-90 (based on level) +30% AP.


  • W - Thunderclap - Empowered attack damage decreased overall
  • W - Thunderclap - Cleave physical damage and armor scaling decreased by 5% from 20% to 15%.


  • Base armor increased from 28 to 32.
  • Armor growth increased from 4.7 to 5.


  • Q - Hammer Shock - Target health damage increased from 8% to 9%.
  • W - Steadfast Presence - Bonus resistances increased from 10% to 12% (This will be doubled to 24% when Poppy is below 40% maximum health).


  • Base armor decreased from 32 to 30.
  • Armor growth decreased from 5.1 to 4.9.


Cosmic Drive

  • Ability power increased from 90 to 100.
  • Unique item passive - Spelldance - Damaging a champion (excluding damage over time) generates a stack of 2.5% movement speed over 1.5 seconds for the next 5 seconds. Up to 4 stacks or 10% movement speed. At 4 stacks, gain an additional 10% movement speed. Dealing damage refreshes this effect.

Behavioral System Changes

Reporting players will now be available in Match History starting from patch 13.8. You can report another play by clicking on their row when viewing past game summaries in Match History.

That's it for the patch 13.8 notes. Stay tuned with Rivalry, where we will cover the upcoming MSI 2023 tournament. We also have a Milio abilities overview, an LoL ARAM guide, and more!