Minecraft 1.21 is the next major Minecraft update on the cards, coming sometime in 2024. While this next major Minecraft update may still be a long way out, loads of new details are coming to light.

Alongside the new mob from the Minecraft Mob Vote, there will be everything from fresh building blocks to the automated redstone-based Crafter Block and the Trial Chambers structure, playing host to the new hostile mob, The Breeze, and other combat-related trials and tribulations. The unnamed Minecraft 1.21 update is packed with content designed to suit every gameplay style.

Let's get into everything we currently know about the Minecraft 1.21 update, including its potential release date, the Trial Chamber, and the new mobs coming.

Minecraft 1.21: Official Release Date

As confirmed in Minecraft Live 2023, Mojang Studios will be following the same yearly release cycle as they have previously. Minecraft 1.19: The Wild and Minecraft 1.20: Trails and Tales update both launched in June in their respective years, meaning players can expect the Minecraft 1.21 update to follow the same pattern new Minecraft 1.21 and release around June 7, 2024.

The exact release date and official name of the Minecraft 1.21 update are still under wraps, but rest assured that we'll update this article as soon as we have more information.

Minecraft 1.21: Trial Chambers

The Trial Chambers are one of the most anticipated features in the Minecraft 1.21 update, as a new structure offering new challenges for combat-focused players. Trial Chambers are procedurally generated underground and relatively common, found while exploring caves and caverns in the deepslate layers.

You'll need to keep your wits about you when exploring the corridors and rooms of the Trial Chambers! The floors and surroundings are littered with various traps and supply chests. Each Trial Chamber is entirely unique, with no two rooms being the same.

Trial Key Item

The new Trial Key item is a new item coming to the Minecraft 1.21 update, only obtainable inside the Trial Chambers. One of them will have a chance to be found inside in the chest at the entrance of a Trial Chamber, while another is located by the decorated pots inside the main corridor. The Trial Spawner will also have a slight chance of dropping a Trial Key.

The exact uses for the Trial Key and what it may unlock are currently unknown so what this space for more updates!

Trial Spawner

While exploring a Trial Chamber, players may come across the Trial Spawner. This unique spawner type adapts to the number of players in the room. As such, it spawns a limited number of mobs.

Each Trial Chamber will spawn mobs from all three categories below, with just one mob per category. The blocks surrounding the Trial Spawner will indicate the types of mobs that will appear.


  • Skeleton (Bone Block)
  • Skeleton with Poison-Tipped Arrows (Bone Block or Podzol with Red Mushrooms)
  • Stray (Packed Ice)
  • The Breeze (Chiseled Tuff)


  • Husk (Chiseled Sandstone)
  • Slime (Moss Block)
  • Zombie (Mossy Cobblestone)

Small Melee

  • Baby Zombie (Cobblestone or Mossy Cobblestone)
  • Cave Spider (Stone with Cobweb or Podzol with Red Mushrooms)
  • Silverfish (Stone Bricks)
  • Spider (Stone with Cobweb)

After defeating all the spawning mobs, the Trial Spawner will go into a 30-minute cooldown state, indicated by the smoke particles arising from the spawner. Once the Trial Spawner is off cooldown, you can go through the combat challenges again and earn some rare resources.

New Blocks

Throughout the Trial Chamber structure, players will be greeted with a host of new building materials and decorative blocks they can harvest. Here are all the new building blocks and materials coming in the Minecraft 1.21 update, including the new decorative block Grates and Tuff Blocks:

  • Chiseled Copper
  • Copper Grate
  • Copper Door
  • Copper Bulb
  • Polished Tuff
  • Chiseled Tuff Bricks
  • Tuff Bricks
  • Tuff Brick Stairs

All the new Copper Blocks will behave the same way as the existing Copper, meaning they will gradually oxidize over time. To restore them to their former shiny glory, you can use Honeycomb.

Crafter Block

The all-new Crafter Block is the ultimate upgrade to the regular Crafting Table. It allows players to automate crafting. Instead of manually making and taking items out of chests, the Crafter Block will do it for you once hooked to a Redstone signal.

It'll also act as a container block, so you can leave crafting ingredients inside if you've run out of inventory space. By activating this block, the item you've completed the crafting recipe for will automatically be crafted and pushed out. You can make this even more convenient by adding a collection system like the Hopper in front of the Crafter for maximum efficiency.

Minecraft 1.21: New Mobs


In Minecraft Live 2023, the player community voted on which of the three contenders would be added to the game in the next update. The choices were the Crab, Penguin, or Armadillo. The latter won the Minecraft Community Mob Vote by a large margin and will be added to the game in the next major update.

The Armadillo is naturally passive, residing in warm climes like the Desert biomes and the Savannah. When feeling spooked or threatened, it'll curl into a ball and roll away. When killed, Armadillos can drop scutes, which players can use to craft armor for their beloved canine friends and improve their survivability.

The Breeze

The Breeze will be the new hostile mob added in the upcoming Minecraft update, which can only be found in the new Trial Chambers. As the name suggests, it'll be a wind-controlling creature constantly on the move while harassing players.

The Breeze will have a distinct attack called the "Wind Charge." This ranged attack will not deal damage when it blows objects away but will instead damage anything it collides directly with. It'll create a large Wind Burst that will knock back any nearby entities, sending them flying. Using this ability, it can interact with objects like levers, trapdoors, fence gates, and even break decorated pots.

This new mischievous, playful, hostile mob will introduce a new combat experience unlike anything seen in Minecraft before, especially as the new Trial Chamber structure is filled with trapdoors, levers, and other goodies.

Minecraft 1.21: Marketplace Pass

The Minecraft 1.21 update may include some form of Battle Pass or Marketplace Pass, a subscription allowing players unlimited access to different texture packs, great skins, Minecraft worlds, and more for a monthly fee.

This has yet to be officially confirmed by Mojang Studios, but stay tuned! We'll update this section if more is revealed about this potential new feature.

Final Thoughts

That is everything we know so far about the next major upcoming Minecraft update, 1.21. While we have yet to discover the exact title of this update, it's already set to have tons of exciting new features for players to dive into.

We'll update this article as soon as more information comes to light, like if new biomes will be added, so watch this space!

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