Kicking off Moonton's Mobile Legends' ALLSTAR event is the highly-anticipated Minsitthar rework, as he makes a triumphant comeback into the meta. Originally introduced in November 2019, Minsitthar the Courageous Warrior has captured the hearts of players once again with his revamped abilities that went live on March 21.

Minsitthar's crowd control abilities make him a formidable foe in almost any circumstance, as he can disable movement, zone control, and slow enemies with his vast array of abilities.

This Mobile Legends guide will discuss revamped Minsitthar and his skills, the best item builds and more, so keep reading!

Minsitthar Skills

Minsitthar's abilities revolve around his shield and spear, and his main focus is pummelling the enemy heroes with his disruptive arsenal of crowd control abilities.

He is a great hero for initiating team fights, making him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Here is a rundown of all of Minsitthar's skills.

Passive - Mark of the King

Minsitthar's passive has been completely overhauled. His previous passive, All United Minsitthar, inspires his team, giving him extra gold as they would slay enemies.

With the new passive, Mark of the King, Minsitthar's basic attacks and skills apply a stack of Mark of the King, up to 5 stacks. Upon reaching max stacks, the next basic attack detonates all Mark of the King stacks, dealing physical damage equal to 300 (+6% Total HP) of Minsitthar's maximum health. This also stuns the target for 0.8 seconds while healing Minsitthar for 200 (+6% Total HP).

This effect can only be triggered once every 6 seconds on the same target.

Skill 1 - Spear of Glory

Minsitthar thrusts forward with Spear of Glory, dealing 175 (+180% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing enemies hit by 30%. Enemy heroes hit by the spear's tip will be stunned for 0.6 seconds. After a short delay, Minsitthar pulls back his spear, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies along the way and dragging enemy heroes hit towards him.

Skill 2 - Shield Assault

Minsitthar awakens the power of his shield, dealing 300 (+160% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to all enemies within a rectangular area. All enemies hit are slowed by 80%, decaying rapidly over 2 seconds.

Minsitthar enters a Phalanx state for 3 seconds, reducing damage taken from the front and enemy attacks by 25% and enhancing his Basic Attacks to strike an area.

Ultimate - King's Calling

Minsitthar's Ultimate causes him to charge a short distance forward as he summons 4 Royal Guards to form a circle around him. The Royal Guards do not move but will attack enemies that enter the field for (+ 40 Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Enemies entering the area are slowed by 20% and cannot use movement skills to escape.

Minsitthar's Playstyle

As a Fighter class, Minsitthar is a versatile hero with strong offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing him to act as an off-Tank for his team. The longer the games continue, the better Minsitthar will perform as his damage snowballs over time as he builds more items.

With Minsitthar's Spear of Glory, he can easily initiate the team fight and manipulate the enemy with his crowd control abilities. He can tactically pull in vulnerable targets for an ambush, letting his teammates slay enemy heroes and clean up.

The complete overhaul of his Ultimate, King's Calling, has boosted Minsitthar's current meta by upping his damage capabilities. In the coming weeks, he will surely rise in Mobile Legends hero tier lists.

Overall, Minsitthar's revamp proved that he is a force to be reckoned with, capable of dishing out heavy damage and stopping the enemy in their tracks with his artillery of crowd control. Instead of strictly being an off-Tank for his team, he can fit into various team compositions and adapt to all situations.

Minsitthar Emblems

Offensive Build

Look no further than this offensive build if you want to dominate your lane. Going for a Fighter Emblem focused on increasing Minsitthar's attack speed and damage capabilities is better.

We also recommend using Disabling Strike, which grants Physical Attack when you slow enemies. Minsitthar's passive, Skill 1, Skill 2, and Ultimate all slow enemies by a significant amount, so this is worth taking.

Defensive Build

If you fancy playing it safe, a Tank defensive build is ideal. Focus on reducing Minsitthar's skill cooldowns so he can use his crowd control abilities more frequently. Going for Brave Smite allows you to gain +5% Max HP when crowd controlling an enemy.

Minsitthar Battle Spells

When picking their champions, players can select one battle spell in the pregame lobby. There are 12 Battle Spells in Mobile Legends, but here are the three best options for Minsitthar.


This Battle Spell can stun enemies in a targeted direction. It can interrupt enemy ultimates or buy Minsitthar and his team time to escape and regroup.


Similar to the League of Legends Flash Summoner Spell, Flicker allows Minsitthar to teleport in a direction. It can be used to take the enemy by surprise or to escape a deadly situation. Flicker is an excellent choice for Minsitthar, as he has no escape abilities or form of mobility and pairs well with Spear of Glory.


Inspire boosts Minsitthar's Attack Speed for a short time. As mentioned earlier, this works well in combination with an offensive Emblem build. He can easily burst opponents with a quickfire round of all his abilities and basic attacks.

Minsitthar Item Build

With over 50 items in the game and players only limited to six slots, it can be challenging to know what equipment works best for each hero.

Crit item builds are an ideal choice for Minstthar. His basic attacks always have a chance to critical hit, so items like Berserker's Fury are a great choice. Tough Boots will prevent Minsitthar are the best Boots to buy, reducing the duration of CC abilities by 30%.

Attack Speed builds are the best options to maximize the effectiveness of Mark of the King. This will also increase the damage output of King's Calling, which can be devastating in the late game. You should start with Corrosion Scythe for the attack speed and additional slowing effect, then move into Demon Hunter Sword as your second or third item.

It is always a good idea to build some defensive items, especially in the late game when the damage begins to ramp up. Endless Battle and Thunder Belt are great options to improve his survivability while also increasing damage and HP.

Below is the best build for Minsitthar in Mobile Legends:

  • Tough Boots
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Berserker's Fury/ Endless Battle
  • Athena's Shield
  • Immortality

Minsitthar Tips And Tricks

  • Keep an eye on cooldowns. Minsitthar's Ultimate King's Calling has a cooldown of around 50 seconds, one of the longest in the game. Use it during crucial team fights or to secure objectives.
  • Remember basic attacks! It can be easy to focus on dealing damage with abilities, but basic attacks are essential too. You can dish out basic attack damage even while Minsitthar's Shield Assault is up!
  • Spear of Glory can be used to check bushes for hiding opponents and pull in multiple enemies simultaneously. Use it when the enemy team are grouped.

Minsitthar Counters

There are three Mobile Legends heroes who can completely counter the new Courageous Warrior, even with his shiny new kit. Consider avoiding Minstthar or play safe if these characters are on the opposing team.


This lovable panda can instantly cleanse all crowd control effects on himself and even knock back enemies with his Ultimate, Heavy Spin. This renders most of Minsitthar's abilities and slowing effects completely useless.


Helcurt excels in his ability to silence opponents, making them unable to use their abilities. He is a strong pick against Minsitthar, who relies heavily on his skill set to dish out damage.


Using his Ultimate, Time Journey, Diggie provides a protective shield that absorbs damage for himself and surrounding allies while they become immune to crowd effects, nullifying Minsitthar's kit.

Final Thoughts

Minsitthar's overhaul is one of the most impressive updates in Moonton's Mobile Legends in recent months. His skills have been completely revamped to make him more competitive in the current meta, becoming a valuable member in any team composition rather than a throw pick. Get onto Mobile Legends and try his new kit today - GL HF!

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