Updated: September 29

Valorant's Night Market is a periodic rolling shop with a fancy game of chance that sees players get their hands on some premium edition skins for a fraction of the price! These discounts range from 10% to 49%, but any bargain is welcome!

With no community marketplace, the Valorant Night Market is the next best thing, allowing players to get their hands on some new skins without breaking the bank.

A question on player's minds may be how often is the Valorant Night Market, and which skins are available? Never fear, Rivalry are here to shed light on the situation. Find everything you need to know about the next Valorant Night Market here to upgrade your cosmetic gains to the next level!

What is the Valorant Night Market?

Modeled after the League of Legends Your Shop feature, Valorant's Night Market takes on a similar premise of being a rotating store. The Night Market is one of the most anticipated events in Valorant, occuring once every Act, with six random weapon skins on offer.

Following some criticism, Riot Games have now implemented a Bad Luck Protection feature to guarantee players are satisfied. Players are guaranteed at least two Premium Edition (PE) skins if they do not already own every PE in the game.Players will also be pleased to know that you can no longer get two skins for the same weapon, increasing the variety of eligible skins.

Where to find the Valorant Night Market?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the Valorant Night Market, so you can access your Valorant Night Market skins.

  1. Launch Valorant
  2. Click on the sparkly card logo in the top-right corner of the home screen near the store tab
  3. Click the icon and access six skins, all available at a discounted price.
  4. Click on the individual cards to reveal the cosmetics underneath!

The color of the card's background indicates the skin tier and its rarity. You can tell the difference between the type of skin behind the card before clicking to reveal: blue is for Select Edition gun skins, green is for Deluxe Edition gun skins, pink is for Premium Edition gun skins, and yellow is for any melee weapon skin like knives.

The gun skins on discount will vary from each account, so you will have different weapons on offer compared to your friends.

Players should note that they cannot reroll the skins once they have flipped a card. The randomness of the Valorant Night Market is frustrating, but it is also part of what makes it fun!

Does the Valorant Night Market refresh?

Once your cards have been flipped in the Valorant Night Market, they are set it stone. It would be OP if the Valorant Night Market skins refreshed daily! If you don't like the options presented in front of you, you'll unfortunately have to wait for the next Valorant Night Market to take place!

When is the next Valorant Night Market 2023?

Valorant night market skins

The Night Market typically debuts in Valorant every 8 weeks or once per in-game Act. The next Valorant Night Market for Episode 7, Act 2, will likely happen sometime in October.

Riot Games will make an announcement on their Twitter closer to the event's release date. Valorant Night Markets tend to last anywhere between 2-3 weeks, giving players plenty of time to log in and snag themselves a bargain!

Valorant Night Market Dates

Riot Games will typically announce the Night Market dates around 1-2 weeks before the event, so there's no chance of you missing out on your random skins! The last Valorant Night Market dates were August 9th to the 20th. The estimated next Valorant Night Market should be sometime in October, following previous trends.

Here is a list of the previous Night Market dates to get an idea of how frequent they are and what months they usually occur in:

  • Episode 1, Act 3: December 10, 2020 - January 11, 2021
  • Episode 2, Act 2: February 11 - February 23
  • Episode 2, Act 2: April 8 - April 20
  • Episode 2, Act 3: June 2 - June 15
  • Episode 3, Act 1: July 28 - August 10
  • Episode 3, Act 2: September 29 - October 12
  • Episode 3, Act 3: December 9 - December 21
  • Episode 4, Act 1: February 9, 2022 - February 22
  • Episode 4, Act 2: April 6 - April 19
  • Episode 4, Act 3: May 18 - May 31
  • Episode 5, Act 1: July 20 - August 2
  • Episode 5, Act 2: September 28 - October 11
  • Episode 5, Act 3: December 7 - January 4, 2023
  • Episode 6, Act 1: February 15 - February 27
  • Episode 6, Act 2: April 5 - April 25
  • Episode 6, Act 3: June 14 - June 27
  • Episode 7, Act 1: August 9 - August 28
  • Episode 7, Act 2: October 7 - October 21 (tentative)

What skins do not appear in the Valorant Night Market?

The skins eligible to appear are any gun skins classed as a Select, Deluxe, or Premium Edition, as well as most knife skins in these tiers. Suitable skins must also have been released in the Store at least two Acts before the Night Market opened.

Below is a list of the skins that will not appear in the Night Market, maybe one day we can hope for Agent skins, too!

  • Agent Contract skins
  • Battle Pass skins
  • Any Tactical Knife skins priced over 3,550 Valorant Points
  • Any gun skins classed as an Exclusive or Ultra edition
  • Recent skin releases

Final Thoughts

That's everything you need to know about the Valorant Night Market. Please remember that any skins purchased from the Night Market do not reward players with any competitive advantage in-game and are simply for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking to level up your Valorant gameplay, check out this guide for some helpful tips and tricks!

Watch this space as we will update this article with the next Night Market dates and the current Valorant Night Market when more information is released.

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