Overwatch 2, the hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, features some of the most iconic maps from the original game that players know and love, as well as tons of new additions to support the new game mode, Push.

With four unique game modes - Control, Escort, Hybrid, and Push - each with various maps, Overwatch 2 players have no shortage of fun awaiting them in game. Players will see these maps and modes in their Quick Play and Ranked games, especially with the complete removal of map pools in Season 4.

These maps are the foundation of the Overwatch 2 experience, so we've got you covered with an extensive list of all the maps featured in the game, including some hidden gems from the Arcade game modes! Let's get started!


Control maps feature three smaller maps that are all in the same location. Unlike the other game modes, both teams are attackers, as they must fight to capture and control the main objective point in the center of the map.

Each map varies in geography and terrain, leading to different team compositions and strategies each round. For example, Ilios Well lends itself towards heroes with crowd-control abilities that can boop enemies into the well and off the map. At the same time, Ilios Ruins works well for sniper heroes like Widowmaker with long-ranged eyelines.

  • Antarctic Penisula (Icebreaker, Labs, Sublevel)
  • Busan (Downtown, Sanctuary, MEKA Base)
  • Ilios (Lighthouse, Ruins, Well)
  • Lijiang Tower (Garden, Night Market, Control Center)
  • Nepal (Village, Shrine, Sanctum)
  • Oasis (City Center, Gardens, University)
  • Talantis

Talantis is a unique, non-canon community-made map that will become playable on April 25. It will only be playable in the Arcade gamemode.


Escort maps all feature a moving payload the attacking team must escort across three checkpoints. The attacking and defending spawn rooms change every time a new checkpoint is reached.

The game continues into overtime if the attacking team still escorts the payload when the timer expires. If the attackers move away from the payload during this time, they lose possession of it and will lose the round.

  • Circuit Royal
  • Dorado
  • Havana
  • Junkertown
  • Rialto
  • Route 66
  • Shambali Monastery
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar


Hybrid maps are a mixture of Assault and Escort maps. There is an initial static objective for players to capture. After capturing it, the attacking team must escort the payload to two different checkpoints.

  • Blizzard World
  • Eichenwalde
  • Hollywood
  • King's Row
  • Midtown
  • Numbani
  • Paraiso


Push maps are new to Overwatch 2. Every push map is entirely symmetrical, with a robot named TS-1, at the center of the map.

Both teams have a respective barrier that the robot has to push into the enemy spawn, and only one team can have control over the robot at a time. Push maps are like a variation of payload maps, except both teams are attacking to try and push the robot towards the enemy spawn. The team that pushes the robot further at the end of the match wins.

  • Colosseo
  • Esperança
  • New Queen Street

Overwatch 2: Other Maps and Game Modes

If players prefer to avoid dipping their toes in competitive or Quick Play, they can partake in some fun in the Arcade. This mode features great game modes, from Mystery Heroes to Capture the Flag. Some of the Arcade game modes feature their own unique maps that are not seen in regular Overwatch matches.


Assault or 2CP maps were previously part of the Standard Play experience in the original Overwatch before being replaced by the Push game mode in Overwatch 2. They are now only available to play in Arcade mode or custom games.

Assault maps have two areas the attacking team must capture: Objective Ap and Objective B. Objective A is between the attacker, and the defender's spawn rooms, while Objective B is always directly in front of the defending team's spawn room. 2CP maps often led to ties or frustration because the defending team's spawn room was so close.

  • Hanamura
  • Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Paris
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Volskaya Industry

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag maps are typically large, symmetrical maps with a spawn room on either end. Each team must steal and cap their enemies' flags in their own area. Characters like Lucio, Ramattra, Mei, and Torbjorn are great for Capture the Flag as they have good map-control abilities and can restrict areas with their defensive capabilities.

Other maps like Lijiang Tower are used for this mode, and some maps are designed explicitly for Capture the Flag.

  • Ayutthaya


Deathmatch maps do not have any spawn rooms; players will spawn at a random position on the map, whether or not enemies are nearby. They are designed to accommodate all fighting styles and heroes, so there are high points for snipers like Widowmaker and Ashe and wide-open areas for duels.

  • Chateau Gulliard
  • Kanezaka
  • Malevento
  • Petra


The Elimination game mode is typically a 1v1 duel, so each map below features one spawn point at either end of the map. These maps are small and narrow, allowing for close-quarters intense battles.

  • Black Forest
  • Castillo
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Necropolis

Overwatch 2: Unreleased Maps

Two maps were revealed as various events in the past, like BlizzCon 2019, but have yet to be assigned to any specific game mode. These maps have not yet been released, though they are anticipated to come out soon.

  • Gothenburg
  • India

Overwatch 2 Season 4: Map Lighting Settings

With every new season, Blizzard slightly alters the lighting settings of each map to freshen up gameplay. Here are the current lighting settings players will see in-game as of Season 4.

  • Circuit Royal - Morning
  • Dorado - Night
  • Havana - Night
  • Junkertown - Morning
  • Rialto - Morning
  • Route 66 - Morning
  • Watchpoint Gibraltar - Evening
  • Shambali Monastery - Night
  • Antarctic Peninsula - Night
  • Busan - Morning
  • Ilios - Morning
  • Lijiang Tower - Night
  • Nepal - Morning
  • Oasis - Evening
  • New Queen Street - Dawn
  • Colosseo - Morning
  • Esperanca - Morning
  • Blizzard World - Morning
  • Eichenwalde - Morning
  • Hollywood - Night
  • King's Row - Evening
  • Midtown - Morning
  • Numbani - Morning
  • Paraiso - Morning

Overwatch 2: Map Pool Removal

Season 4 of Overwatch 2 marks the end of map pools, which have long been a point of contention for players. Game director Aaron Keller revealed "player sentiment around map pools was pretty low" and continues that Overwatch 2 currently doesn't have enough maps where a map pool would be necessary. He commented that map pools could return when new maps have been added to the roster.

Final Thoughts

That's all there is to Overwatch 2 maps! If you're carving for Overwatch content, we've got you covered with the best OW2 crosshairs, how to unlock all heroes, and a full Overwatch requirements guide.

FAQs about Overwatch 2 maps

What maps were removed from Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 has removed the Assault/2CP gamemode and, therefore, several fan-favorite maps from standard gameplay. The removed maps include Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, and Paris. These maps are now only available in Arcade mode.

How many maps are in Overwatch 2?

There are over 30 Overwatch 2 maps, with more maps expected in the near future. Some maps are locked to Arcade-only, while others are used in Overwatch 2 standard game modes.

How many new maps are there in Overwatch 2?

There are 8 new maps introduced in Overwatch 2 alongside the new game mode Push. The latest addition to the map roster is Antarctic Peninsula in Season 3. Blizzard promises to deliver new content every season, whether a new hero or a new map.

Are there map pools in Overwatch 2?

As of Season 4 of Overwatch, map pools have been completely removed from the game, allowing players to experience all the available maps in their competitive play games.