Communication is essential in any online game, especially a competitive multiplayer game like the tactical FPS Valorant. Effective communication with your team, either in voice chat or with pings, is the key to success and can be the difference between de-ranking or climbing the competitive ladder.

Newer players and even experienced Valorant players may be stumped by certain abbreviations in the in-game chat during a match. Not to worry! This handy quick guide will tell exactly what "NT" means in Riot Games' Valorant.

What does NT mean in Valorant?

The term "NT" in Valorant means "nice try," and has been seen in many Twitch stream live chats and Valorant Champions Tour matches this year. This short abbreviation is often used to boost teammates' morale if they almost clutched the round but failed on the last hurdle. "NT" is also often seen in other games like CS:GO or Overwatch 2 - basically any game with a competitive atmosphere and team play.

Instead of being overtly negative towards teammates, maintaining positivity and a friendly atmosphere is the best thing to do.

Firing off a quick "NT" in the chat is more constructive and can even inspire your teammates to try harder in the next round. Remember, kindness costs nothing, and toxicity helps no one!

Other Valorant Terms

What does NT mean in Valorant

Aside from NT, many abbreviations are commonly used in multiplayer games like Valorant.

  • GG = means "good game." Commonly in most team-based games towards the end of a round.
  • EZ PZ = means "easy peasy." Usually said at the end of the match or overall game if the enemy team is feeling toxic.
  • GL HF = means "good luck, have fun." Usually said at the beginning of the match.
  • WP = means "well-played." Traditionally used at the end of a round to maintain positivity among teammates or to compliment the enemy team.
  • GH = means "good half." Valorant matches are famously quite long; this is usually said to conclude the first half of the game.
  • NT = "nice try." Usually used by friendly teammates but can often be said by the enemy mocking a failed attempt during a round.
  • FF = means "forfeit" or surrender.
  • NS = means "nice shot."

Final Thoughts

Riot Games' popular two titles: League of Legends and Valorant, both famously boast quite toxic communities. Still, most of the above abbreviations are used to spread positivity and boost the feeling of camaraderie in teams. Remember to communicate with your team in the chat or through voice to increase your chances of success! GL HF.

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