It's the second patch of the year, with plenty of exciting changes in store in the jam-packed League of Legends patch 14.2! This latest patch will bring some much-needed champion balance changes to Summoner's Rift, including a slight overhaul of Twisted Fate's AD capabilities and fixes allowing certain champions to deal more damage to structures. 

Read on for the complete list of champion buffs, nerfs, and changes coming to League of Legends in patch 14.2!


According to the official Riot Games patch scheduleLeague of Legends patch 14.2 will go live on Thursday, January 24, 2024. League patch 14.2 will be rolled out steadily across the day according to different server timezones, beginning with the Oceanic server at around 10 AM AEST.

Here are all the critical LoL patch rollout times for the remaining servers.

  • 5 AM GMT (EU West)
  • 3 AM CET (EU North East)
  • 8 AM KST (Korea)
  • 3 PM CT (NA)

While League patch 14.2 is going live, Riot Games will disable all matchmaking and competitive queues for several before the update goes live on servers, so make sure you don't get into any games, as you may lose some MMR.


Season 14 of League of Legends has already seen a tumultuous start, as Riot Games launched a hotfix update for patch 14.1. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped their roll as League of Legends patch 14.2 is already on the horizon, with plenty of champion balance changes and even some rune changes this time around. Players eagerly awaiting new champion Smolder the Fiery Fledgling's release date will have to wait until the next patch, 14.3. 

The main focus of League patch 14.2 will be Twisted Fate and Briar. The former will get buffs to his AD capabilities, allowing players more flexibility with their item builds and runes. Briar is a complex champion who has consistently been on the end of Riot Games' balancing hammer as they try to make her functional in the current meta.

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All the below champion buffs and nerfs below are only tentative changes and won't be set in stone until Riot Games implements them onto live servers. These early patch notes are taken from the Public Beta Environment (PBE).


(Passive) Deathbringer Stance

  • Now uncancellable


(Passive) Crimson Curse

  • Bleed tick interval reduced from 1 second per tick to 0.5 seconds per tick. 
  • Bonus healing reduced from 0 - 50% to 0 - 40% (based on missing health).
  • Bonus healing increased by 0.03% per 100 bonus health per 1% missing health. 

(Q) Head Rush

  • Damage type changed from physical to magical. 
  • Reduces magic resist 10 - 20%. 
  • Applies on hit effects. 

(W) Snack Attack

  • Healing reduced from 35 - 60% to 25 - 45%.
  • Healing scales with 5% maximum health. 
  • No longer deals 5 - 65 (+5% AD) physical damage 


(R) Feast

  • Grants 2.5 cast range per stack to Feast (up to a max of 25 cast range). 


(W) Seastone Trident

  • Deals 50% more damage to structures (including on-hit and damage-over-time).


(W) Drunken Rage

  • Deals 50% more damage to structures (including arms on-hit and damage-over-time).


(W) Empower

  • Deals 50% more damage to structures (including on-hit and damage-over-time).


(E) Thundering Blow

  • Knock-back distance increased from 500 units to 600. 
  • No longer has a fixed displacement location for the target. 


(R) Death Lotus

  • Now castable while disabled. 


(Q) Glitterlance

  • Now castable while disabled. 


(W) Jubilant Veil

  • Now has an instant cast time.
  • Can cast or queue while using another ability. 


(R) Call of the Forge God

  • First cast no longer uses minimap targeting. 
  • Second cast no longer locks onto ally champions or lane minions. 


Base Stats

  • Default adaptive force changed from AD to AP. 

Twisted Fate

Base Stats

  • Base attack speed reduced from 0.651 to 0.625. 
  • Attack speed growth reduced from 3.25% to 3%.

(Passive) Loaded Dice

  • Can now critical strike, rolling another dice weighted towards one. 

(Q) Wild Cards

  • Damage now scales with 50% AD. 

(W) Pick a Card

  • Choosing a card now resets the auto-attack timer. 
  • Blue card damage increased by 0 - 57.5% (based on critical strike stat). 
  • Red card damage increased by 0 - 35% (based on critical strike stat).
  • Gold card damage increased by 0 - 25% (based on critical strike stat).
  • Bonus damage affects inhibitors and other structures like turrets. 

(E) Stacked Deck

  • Bonus attack speed increased from 10 - 40% to 10 - 60%. 
  • Damage now scales with 75% bonus AD.
  • Bonus damage affects inhibitors and other structures like turrets. 
  • Fully stacks when the skill is maxed out. 


(Q) Thundering Smash

  • Now has a 25 bonus attack range. 


Base Stats (Runes)

  • Now replaces Glacial Augment with First Strike. 
  • Now replaces Aftershock with Grasp of the Undying. 



  • Now grants 2 - 10 bonus armor and magic resist while CC'd and two seconds after, instead of slow resist and tenacity based on missing health. 

Secondary Runes

  • Second slot armor and magic resist shards replaced by 2.5% movement speed and 10 - 250 health. 
  • Third slot armor and magic resist shards replaced by 60 flat health and 10% slow resist and tenacity shard
  • Health growth shard remains the same


Those were all the tentative changes coming in League of Legends patch 14.2. Remember that these early patch notes aren't fully set in stone until Riot Games implement them into live servers from the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and could still change. We expect AD-heavy one-shot shotgun Twisted Fate builds to become more popular, so GL HF in your future games!

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