Want to be the master of life and death? Mobile Legends' Battle Spells can save you from death's grip, escape, or even heal your allies!

There are currently twelve Battle Spells in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Like Summoner Spells in League of Legends, Battle Spells are active abilities that can turn the tide of a game with just one use. At any moment of the game, a MLBB player can only have one Battle Spell equipped as an additional ability for their hero. As such, it's essential to carefully plan which Battle Spell will be the most useful in your games.

From escaping a losing fight to healing yourself and your teammates, this handy beginner's guide details all twelve Battle Spells in Mobile Legends, when you unlock them, what they do, and how to use them. Let's dive in!

All Battle Spells in Mobile Legends

Before diving into the specifics of each Battle Spell, you need to know what level they unlock at, and which heroes they're suitable for. You can buy each Battle Spell with diamonds if you don't want to grind levels, but this can be very costly for you and your wallet!

Battle Spell

Unlock Level


Role Suitability


Level 1

Damage enemy heroes



Level 1

Damages minions and Jungle monsters



Level 5

Increases Attack Speed, ingores enemy Armor



Level 7

Increases Movement Speed



Level 9

Large AoE heal for yourself and nearby allies, increases HP regen temporarily



Level 9

Provides a shield to absorb damage



Level 13

Damages and slows hit enemies



Level 15

Removes most CC effects and boosts Movement Speed



Level 17

Global flaming arrow that knockbacks hit enemies and deals damage



Level 19

Blinks away a short distance

All heroes


Level 21

Teleports long distances to allied targets

All heroes


Level 23

Damage reflection onto the enemy



  • Execute cooldown: 90 seconds

Deal 100 (+10*Hero Level) plus 13% of the target's lost HP True Damage to the target enemy hero. If the enemy is killed, 40% of the spell cooldown will be refunded.

Execute is often used to deal extra damage on top of colossal damage combos or deliver decisive killing blows. This ability usually targets the enemy with the least amount of HP. When activated, this ability automatically targets an enemy player with the least amount of HP or the enemy closest to you. Only use Execute to guarantee a kill; otherwise, it's a bit of a waste with a long cooldown time.


  • Retribution cooldown: 35 seconds
  • PASSIVE: Creep rewards are increased by 60%, damage taken from creeps is reduced by 40%, gains 15% Damage Reduction in the allied jungle for the first two mins; no longer shares minion rewards with allied heroes during the first five mins.
  • BLESSING: Accumulate five creep kills, hero kills, or assists to upgrade the spell according to the Jungling Footwear's blessing, and 15 to gain 10 Physical Attack and Magic Power and 100 Max HP.

Deals 520 (+80*Hero Level) True Damage to the target creep or minion. Retribution is the Jungler's special, working like Smite in League of Legends. It helps to secure Jungle camps faster, warranting more Gold and EXP, and provides beneficial Jungler buffs.


  • Inspire cooldown: 60 seconds

For up to eight Basic Attacks within 5s, increase Attack Speed to 1.55 times and Attack Speed Cap to 500%. The basic attack also ignores eight (+1*Hero Level) of the target's Physical Defense and restores 60 (+15%Total Physical Attack) (+15%Total Magic Power) HP on hit.

Inspire is best used on Fighters or Marksmen, as they usually have high Attack Power and Speed, making them deadly foes. Since this ability increases the default Attack Speed for a short time and reduces Armor, it's perfect for taking down a target turret faster.


  • Sprint cooldown: 100 seconds

Gains 50% extra Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for six seconds. This movement boost decays gradually over two seconds.

Sprint is best used when chasing after escaping enemies or escaping a sticky situation yourself. You can even use it to get into tactical positioning to make exciting plays. Try it out yourself!


  • Revitalize cooldown: 75 seconds

Summons a Healing Spring on the spot that lasts four seconds, restores 2.5% Max HP every 0.4s for affected allied heroes (including self), and increases their received Shield and HP Regen by 25% (cannot stack).

Revitalize is best used during a team fight, providing some bonus utility for yourself and your team as an AoE Battle Spell. It quickly restores over time healing and increases shield and HP regeneration; it is perfect if you're in a pinch. We recommend that Tank or Support heroes equip this.


  • Aegis cooldown: 75 seconds

Gain a 750 (+90* Hero Level) shield for five seconds. This is a great defensive Battle Spell as a last-ditch means of self-protection. It's best used if multiple enemies are ganking you to try and absorb all their damage and make your escape. We recommend that Tank heroes pick up this Battle Spell.


  • Petrify cooldown: 75 seconds

Deals 100 (+15*Hero Level) Magic Damage to surrounding enemies, petrify them for 0.8s, and slow them by 50% for 0.8s afterward.

Petrify was previously used to stun enemies hit in their tracks. To create a fairer battlefield, Petrify now merely slows enemies. We suggest using it in a team fight to disrupt the enemy as much as possible to get the most value out of it. Since it has a smaller range, it's best used on melee champions that can get up close and personal.


  • Purify cooldown: 90 seconds

Remove all debuffs and gain Control Immunity and 15% extra Movement Speed for 1.2s.

This Battle Spell removes all negative effects afflicting your hero for 1.2 seconds. The only CC it doesn't cleanse is Suppression. Since it grants immunity and extra Movement Speed, it can also be used to secure some kills in clutch moments.

Purify works well on any hero, potentially saving your life in a fight. Use it sparingly, as it has one of the longest cooldowns of any Battle Spells in MLBB.


  • Flameshot cooldown: 50 seconds

Fire a Flaming Shot in a target direction. It knocks back nearby enemies and deals 200 (+50% Total Magic) -680 (+170% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage (scaling with flying distance) to the first enemy hero, minion, or creep hit.

Flameshot is one of the newer Battle Spells in Mobile Legends, replacing Weaken, which was previously unlocked at level 17. Flameshot can be used to attack or defend from any distance or range, even to steal objectives like Turtle or Lord. Flameshot works well on mages or to counter enemies using the Blink Battle Spell, but is considered a niche pick.


  • Flicker cooldown: 120 seconds

Teleport a certain distance in the specified direction and gain a 5 (+1*Hero Level) extra Physical and Magic Defense afterward for one second.

Flicker is a popular pick with Mobile Legends players. One tap lets you teleport a short distance away, making it perfect for escape. Like LoL's Flash, Flicker can be used without interrupting casting an ability. As such, it can make some sick plays on the battlefield by taking out an unsuspecting team with a deadly combo.


  • Arrival cooldown: 75 seconds

After channeling for 3 seconds, it teleports you to an allied minion or allied turret. You gain 60% extra Movement Speed (decays over 3 seconds). If the channeling is canceled or interrupted, 30 seconds of the cooldown will be refunded.

While Arrival isn't the most popular Battle Spell, it has unique benefits. It's an excellent way for an ally on the other side of the map to unexpectedly leap into the fray and turn the tide around in your team's favor. Arrival can be used as a last-ditch method of protecting an allied turret from a full-frontal assault.


  • Vengeance cooldown: 75 seconds

For three seconds, gain 35% Damage Reduction and deal 35% Magic Damage back to the attacker each time you receive damage.

As such, it's a method of reflecting damage into the face of the enemy. For Tank heroes, it helps with sustainability, allowing them to stay in their lane longer. It works perfectly with a Lifesteal build, so you can self-heal on the damage that was meant for you.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

That's all the information we have on Battle Spells in Mobile Legends! We hope this beginner's guide helped you grasp the basics of these small but crucial abilities—GL HF in your future games. We hope you'll score an enemy wipeout in your next game!

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