Popular mobile MOBA Mobile Legends is taking the mobile gaming scene by storm, with thousands of daily players. Boasting 120 heroes and counting, it rivals League of Legends in terms of hero variations. With so many varying playstyles and classes, it can be hard to know how to play each character.

MLBB poster child Fanny, the Blade Dancer, is the younger sister of Tigreal, and an outstanding fighter on the battlefield. With a deadly combination of graceful mobility and sheer damage using her own designed weapons, she can be a hard hero for players to master right away, requiring plenty of practice and patience.

This Mobile Legends guide will deep dive into Fanny's skills, the best Emblem and item builds, as well as all the heroes that counter her, so keep reading!

Fanny: Skill Overview

Like all other Mobile Legends heroes, Fanny has three skills in total. As an Assassin, Fanny relies solely on her immense mobility and burst damage to take enemies out, especially when she's pathing from the Jungle.

In terms of skill prioritisation, Fanny players should go for Cut Throat > Tornado Strike > Steel Cable when they get to level up their skills.

Air Superiority (Passive)

Fanny's damage to enemies hit while flying is increased by 15% to 30%, according to her actual flying speed. She leaves a Prey Mark on an enemy hero, which can stack up to two times.

Her subsequent skill hits on Prey Marked enemy heroes will restore ten Energy. Her Energy restoration effect decays if she hits multiple enemy heroes

Tornado Strike (Skill 1)

  • Cooldown: 3.5 / 3.3/ 3.1 / 2.9 / 2.7 / 2.5
  • Base Damage: 300 / 348 / 396 / 444 / 492 / 540
  • Energy Cost: 15

With Tornado Strike, Fanny whirls her blades around in an AoE attack, dealing 300-540 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Steel Cable (Skill 2)

  • Cooldown: 0.0
  • Energy Cost: 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12

Steel Cable is her second skill. Fanny throws out a cable that brings her closer to the first obstacle hit. Each successive use of this skill within two seconds decreases it's Energy Cost by two and changes her flight pathing to the new target direction.

If she has enough Energy and hits an enemy mid-flight, Tornado Strike is triggered. During her flight, Fanny cannot use any basic attacks

Cut Throat (Ultimate Skill)

  • Cooldown: 35.0 / 30.0 / 25.0
  • Base Damage: 500 / 680 / 860
  • Energy Cost: 30

Fanny initiates a quick assault on an enemy hero, dealing 500-860 (+240% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Each stack of Prey Mark on enemies will increase her damage by a further 20%.

Fanny's Playstyle

As an Assassin class, Fanny is designed to move fluidly and execute vulnerable enemies with her high damage capabilities. Her skills and mobility make her incredibly hard to master, definitely not a Mobile Legends hero for beginners!

Fanny has the most unique skill in the game, Steel Cable. This important skill is the crux of her mobility, allowing her to grapple using walls and nearby terrain. Better still, Steel Cables can be used multiple times, making up to seven or eight cables. The more cables Fanny has, the more angles she has for attack.

Steel Cables can be used by a Fanny user to mark squishy heroes or even be used to escape a team fight gone wrong - the different uses provide multiple different gameplay opportunities. Since her main resource is Energy, she can restore it much faster through the Energy restoration stat and attacking enemy heroes.

Fanny Emblems

Fighter Emblem

For this first Emblem, use the Custom Fighter Emblem as a template. It boosts important attributes like Physical Attack, Penetration, Defense, and HP.

Fanny's two damaging skills can trigger extra Spell Vamp, allowing Fanny to have much more sustain and health as she's swinging through the enemy team.

The Bravery talent gives Fanny extra physical attack points, while Festival of Blood gives Fanny an extra 8% spell vamp. When Fanny secures a kill with this talent equipped, she also gains an additional +1% spell vamp. With this Emblem build, Fanny can consistently regenerate her HP while spamming Steel Cables against the enemy. This Emblem is the most popular, surprisingly more so than the Assassin Emblem.

Fanny Item Build

With over 50 items in Mobile Legends and players limited to just six slots, it can be challenging for a Fanny player to know which items to go for. Since she relies heavily on staying alive while swinging through enemies, Spell Vamp is a must for any Fanny player. For her Battle Spell, Retribution is a must for any Jungler and not negotiable.

In the early game, players should focus on kitting Fanny out with damage items as she excels in the early-mid game before she starts to drop off. She must abuse her early-game damage items to make the most of her execution capabilities, especially with Blade of the Heptaseas, which has the unique Ambush passive to crowd control the enemy with a slow.

After this, she must start to build armor/HP items to bulk up and make her less squishy and vulnerable to attacks. Great other options not listed below are: Athena's Shield, Queen's Wings, and Rose Gold Meteor.

Below is the recommended item build for Fanny in Mobile Legends:

  • Tough Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • War Axe
  • Radiant Armor
  • Immortality


  • Play around purple buff. Fanny uses up a lot of Energy so Purple Buff is a must to reduce Energy Costs and Cooldowns. Without this buff, your game will be over before its even begun.
  • Understand the map layout. Since Fanny relies heavily on traversing the map and spamming her Steel Cables, understanding the map's layout is crucial. Getting stuck or taking an inefficient route to gank a lane can be the difference between an easy win or a bitter loss. We have a guide on the Mobile Legends map here.
  • Focus on the right targets. Don't waste time and Energy on tankier heroes. As an Assassin, your focus should be on taking out low HP squishy enemies, like their Mage, Marksman, or Support.

Fanny Counters

There are five heroes that can counter Fanny and her kit. The sheer number of counters for Fanny makes her an unpopular pick in professional Mobile Legends matches.

If these heroes are on the enemy team, consider avoiding playing Fanny this time around, or play super safe.


This lovable panda can instantly cleanse all crowd control effects on himself and knock back enemies with his Ultimate. The knockback CC really disrupts Fanny's mobility and can put her in a vulnerable position.


Like all Assassin heroes, Fanny is especially vulnerable to stuns and disable attacks. As such, Eudora can easily counter Fanny. Eudora has a deadly combo to stun her, use Skill 1, and then use her Ultimate to guarantee an easy kill, meaning it's game over for Fanny.


The Courageous Warrior Minsitthar can counter Fanny with ease. His whole host of CC abilities and zone control make him a nightmare for any Fanny player, especially if she plunges straight into the heart of the enemy team.


Ruby has a consistent barrage of stuns and slows to stop Fanny in her tracks. Her Skill 2 can easily disrupt Fanny's attacks, making her weak. Ruby's passive skill can also dodge Fanny's attacks, granting her extra armor and magic resistance.


Chou is another Mobile Legends hero with countless CC abilities in his arsenal to counter Fanny. His Ultimate in particular immobilizes any enemy for up to two seconds. As nimble as Fanny is, if she gets caught in his Ultimate, she's guaranteed to die.

Fanny Skins

Like all Mobile Legends hero, Fanny has plenty of beautiful skins and cosmetics befitting her wardrobe, some earned through special events while others can be purchased with Diamonds.

  • Blade Dancer: 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds
  • Campus Youth (Elite): 399 Diamonds
  • Punk Princess (S3): 250 Premium Skin Fragments
  • Skylark (Epic): July 2018 Lucky Box
  • Royal Cavalry: 2018/12 Starlight Member
  • Lifeguard (Summer): 749 Diamonds
  • Lightborn - Ranger: 1,089 Diamonds
  • Christmas Carnival: Limited-time Christmas event
  • Imperial Warrior: S22 First Recharge
  • Blade of Kibou: Limited-time Aspirants event
  • Heart Afloat: Limited-time Valentines event

Final Thoughts

Overall, Fanny is an immensely fun hero to play. In the right hands, she can be a devastating weapon as a Blade Dancer whirling through the air and slashing her enemies. However, she is incredibly hard to master and would require a great deal of practice before debuting her in ranked games.

Despite her gameplay difficulty, she is still ranked A-Tier in our MLBB tier list, making her a solid pick for most team compositions.

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