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The beauty and popularity of Overwatch 2 lies in its diverse characters. Not only are they divided according to the three in-game roles (Tank, Damage, Support), but all thirty-nine characters come from various backgrounds, ages, and locations, with no two being the same. 

Players are guaranteed to find an Overwatch character to suit their playstyle and personality. Who knows; you may even share a birthday with one of Overwatch's many heroes!

Keep reading for a full breakdown of every Overwatch 2 characters age, birthday, and more!

All Overwatch 2 Heroes Official Ages and Birthdays

In 2023, Blizzard Entertainment revealed some official lore surrounding every character in Overwatch 2, including each hero's age and height, on the official Overwatch website. While this initially came under fire due to some inconsistencies in the official lore, it's fun for our favorite heroes to get some additional background lore added to them. 

An example of a lore inconsistency is that Kiriko is only 21 years old and supposedly trained with Genji and Hanzo during their childhood. Yet, the Shimada Clan brothers are 37 and 40, respectively, making the official artwork and comics logically impossible. 

Hero Name

Real Name



Small Bio


Ana Amari

January 1

61 years old,

Founding member of Overwatch and once renowned as the greatest sniper in the world


Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe

October 1

41 years old

The ambitious and calculating leader of the Deadlock Gang


Jean-Baptiste Augustin

March 12

38 years old

An elite, experienced combat medic and ex-Talon operative




32 years old

Once a frontline unit during the Omnic Crisis, this curious Bastion now explores the world with his bird companion Ganymede


Brigitte Lindholm

September 22

25 years old

Brigitte has shown interest in mechanical engineering and using it to heal, shield, and protect others


Cole Cassidy

July 31

39 years old

Once a founding member of the Deadlock Gang, Cassidy now roams his own path as a lovable rogue gunslinger


Hana Song

June 22

21 years old

Professional gamer turned mech-pilot and defender of South Korea


Akande Ogundimu

May 25

47 years old

Leader of the powerful terrorist organization, Talon. The all-powerful gauntlet has replaced his right arm



February 5

14 years old

An adaptive AI robot weapon created by Dr. Mina Liao, and recovered from the Deadlock Gang by Cassidy


Genji Shimada

October 28

37 years old

A cybernetic cyborg ninja and younger brother to Hanzo


Hanzo Shimada

November 3

40 years old

Ex-leader of the Shimada Clan and older brother to Genji


Illari Quispe Ruiz

December 21

18 years old

Wielding the sun's power, Illari stops at nothing to pursue justice

Junker Queen

Odessa "Dez" Stone

June 14

31 years old

The cutthroat ruler of the Junkers in Junker Town, having fought tooth and nail to get there. 


Jamison Fawkes

February 29

27 years old

Explosive-obsessed demonlitionist who lives to pull off (unsuccessful) heists alongside his partner, Roadhog. 


Kiriko Kamori

July 7

21 years old

As the Miko of the Kanezaka shrine, Kiriko uses the Kitsune Spirit to heal others


Niran "Bua" Pruksamanee

April 28

31 years old

The creator of biolight, a powerful technology that combines nature with healing


Lúcio Correia dos Santos

March 20

28 years old

An international celebrity, DJ, and activist, Lucio aims to change the world one beat drop at a time


Maugaloa Malosi

August 19

31 years old

A Samoan dual-wielding running-and-gunning mercenary with ties to Talon


Mei-Ling Zhou

September 5

33 years old (biological age) 42-43 years old (chronologically)

A previously cryogenically-frozen scientist who thawed out and desires world peace while preserving the environment


Angela Ziegler

May 13

39 years old

Mercy acts a guardian angel to those needing help, using her expert healing skills to sooth the wounded


Moira O'Deorain

April 4

50 years old

An expert in genetic engineering with controversial morals and methods, Moira is the lead scientist at Talon



May 9

1 year old

Created by child genius Efi, Orisa is an omnic handcrafted top defend Numbani from all threats like Doomfist


Fareeha Amari

April 15

34 years old

As the daughter of Ana and formerly the security chief for Helix in Egypt, Pharah takes duty and justice seriously



March 29

28 years old

Once looking for peace, Ramattra is now the powerful leader of the omnic terrorist organization, Null Sector. 


Gabriel Reyes

December 14 

60 years old

Former Overwatch operative who looked death in the face, now a leader of Talon


Reinhardt Wilhelm

June 26

63 years old

Reinhardt is a strong German warrior, living by codes of justice, courage, and loyalty while mentoring his apprentice Brigitte.


Mako Rutledge

September 12

50 years old

With a penchant for chaos, Roadhog leaves destruction in his wake alongside his partner Junkrat


Siebren de Kuiper

March 15

64 years old

Chaos and insanity go hand-in-hand as Sigma is a gravity-controlling scientist under the control of Talon as their living weapon. 


Vivian Chase

January 12

51 years old

An augmented super-human soldier with rocket legs and superb aim, previously an Overwatch captain

Soldier: 76

John Francis "Jack" Morrison

January 27

58 years old

Previously the leader of Overwatch, Soldier: 76 is now a vigilante hunting down those who brought Overwatch down in the first place


Olivia Colomar

December 31

32 years old

A notorious hacker, Sombra can obtain critical information from anywhere anytime, with loyalties only to herself


Satya Vaswanim

October 2

30 years old

As an architect at Vishkar Corporation, Symmetra can bend reality to her will


Torbjörn Lindholm

September 21

59 years old

A chief engineer and weapons designer, Torbjörn is one of the original founding members of Overwatch


Lena Oxton

February 17

28 years old

Stuck with time-traveling abilities, Tracer is a staple hero in Overwatch


Sloan Cameron

August 6

26 years old

An eccentri non-binary adventurer and archeologist with a passion for solving historical mysteries with a penchant for danger.


Amélie Lacroix (née Guillard)

November 19

35 years old

Genetically modified by Moira and Talon, Widowmaker is now the perfect assassin: precise, ruthless, with no remorse



June 6

31 years old

A super-intelligent, genetically-modified gorilla, Winston desires world peace (and peanut butter

Wrecking Ball


October 15

16 years old

A genetically altered hamster turned into a super weapon with a powerful mech, now the champion of Junker Queen


Aleksandra Zaryanova

December 4

30 years old

One of the world's strongest women, she has a strong hatred of Omnics after the Omnic Crisis



July 14

33 years old

A celebrated omnic monk who travels the world searching for enlightenment, helping those who cross his path.

Final Thoughts

Anyway, there you have it! That was all our information on the ages of all Overwatch 2 characters; you can expect an updated list as more heroes are steadily added to the game or introduced through comics.

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Overwatch Character Ages FAQ

Who is the youngest character in Overwatch 2? 

Technically, the youngest hero in Overwatch 2 is Orisa, the Tank hero, who is just one year old. This technically makes sense as rebuilt to protect Numbani from Doomfist. 

Who is the youngest human hero in Overwatch 2? 

The youngest human hero in Overwatch 2 is Illari, who is 18 years old. She was added to the game on August 10, 2023. 

Who is the oldest character in Overwatch 2? 

The oldest hero in Overwatch 2 is Sigma, currently at 64, but this could change as more heroes are added to the game. 

Do any Overwatch 2 characters share the same birthday? 

Currently, no Overwatch 2 characters share the same birthday, although father and daughter duo Torbjörn and Brigitte have birthdays within a day of each other, on September 21 and 22, respectively. 

Why are the ages in Overwatch 2 controversial? 

Many players have complained that some of the official ages don't fit into the narrative of Overwatch 2 or even some character's backstories. For example, Ashe looks young, yet she is 41. Orisa is only one, yet she was in the original Overwatch game which happened two years before the events of Overwatch 2. Many players think Blizzard picked numbers at random when picking their ages, but honestly, the hero's ages don't impact the gameplay and, therefore, aren't super important. 

How old is D.Va in Overwatch 2?

D.Va is currently 21 years old in the Overwatch 2 universe. In Overwatch 1, she was 19, showing how there's a rough two or three-year gap between the two games. 

How old is Ashe in OW2? 

The notorious leader of the Deadlock Gang is 41 years young, making her slightly older than what fans would have guessed initially.