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MDL Philippines

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Aug 29 - Oct 5th, 2023

MDL PH Betting With Rivalry | Best Mobile Legends Betting Site

As a relatively new kid on the esports block, Mobile Legends brings the thrill of MOBA games to mobile, so players can dive into games while on the go. Aiming to expand the esports ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Moonton's MLBB development league MDL PH is back with a bang with Season 2, beginning on August 29.

Twelve teams will compete, but only one will emerge victorious. MDL PH boasts a humble prize pool, but that's nothing compared to the adrenaline of competing. Players have chances to be subbed in to compete in the illustrious Tier-One MPL Philippines tournament, provided their performance is up to par.

By the end of this betting guide, MLBB fans should have a fountain of knowledge about the MDL PH S2 and everything they need to know to make more informed betting decisions. Dive into the tournament's format and the 12 teams competing, gain valuable insights using our helpful betting tips, and learn why you should choose Rivalry as your number-one trusted MLBB betting site!

MDL PH: A Brief History

MDL PH Betting: MDL logo

Since MLBB's release in 2016, Chinese game developers Moonton have been heavily promoting the competitive scene to increase their sphere of influence, beginning with smaller-scale esports competitions.

At the beginning of 2023, Moonton expanded the esports ecosystem in the Philippines by launching the Mobile Legends development league, MDL Philippines. As a second-tier professional tournament, it works as a feeder series for the MPL PH, bringing fresh talent into the competitive MLBB scene. Just like the MPL Philippines, MDL PH will happen two times a year: once in January/February and again in August/September.

MDL PH Season 1 kicked off with a bang on February 15, with the regular season ending on April 1. Eight franchised MPL Philippines' teams took part, with two invited amateur squads, making for a complete roster of ten teams. ECHO Proud claimed the throne for the inaugural MDL PH season, taking home the lion's share, $4,550, of the $20,000 overall prize pool.

With the maiden season out of the way, all eyes are now turning to the country's second season of MDL PH. Will ECHO Proud hang onto their crown for a second season, or will a new challenger be on the horizon? Watch this space!

MDL PH Season 2: Format & Schedule

MDL PH Season 2 will have two stages: the Regular Season and the Playoffs. The regular season begins on August 29. All competing teams will compete in a single round-robin format, where all matches will be best-of-three.

The MDL PH features a unique points system to decide each team's place in the standings.

  • Three points for winning 2-0 games
  • Two points for winning 2-1 games.
  • One point for losing 1-2 games
  • Zero points for losing 0-2 games.

The top eight teams in the regular season advance to the playoffs, which features a hybrid elimination system. 3rd-8th are seeded into the playoffs lower bracket, while 1st-2nd are placed in the upper bracket.

Check out our dedicated MDL Philippines Season 2 overview for a comprehensive breakdown of every team and all upcoming matches on the schedule.

MDL PH Season 2: Teams

ECHO Proud have confirmed their roster for MDL PH Season 2.

Twelve teams will compete in the upcoming MDL Philippines S2, with eight MPL-franchised teams and four invited teams.

Over the summer break, several well-known teams have undergone rebranding and roster moves, with a couple new faces to complete the team list. Here are the current teams and player rosters for the MDL PH Season 2.

  • Blacklist Lunatix (previously Blacklist Academy): Kyle "Dominic" Soto, Ian Jakob "Rindo" Seguiran, Eduard "larvs" Baylen, Rhonald "Bullet" Bacolod, John David "JD" Osorio
  • ECHO Proud: James "Jeymz" Gloria, Justine "Zaida" Palma, JanKurt Russel "KurTzy" Matira, Jhonville "Outplayed" Villar, Santi "Santi Sucre" Noble
  • Omega Neos: Dan Nathaniel "Dan" Yambao, Luke Andrei "Lucas" Reodica, Ryan Michi "Rayl" Asaoka, Christian "West" Mangabay, Eric Joseph "Cyre" Mercader
  • ONIC Arsenals: Landher "Der" San Gabriel, James "Jamespangks" Mendoza, Jerry Ian "Chovyy" Nicol, Boyson Miguel "Bysn" Cruz, Jefferson "Kkdot" Mogol
  • Minana Archives (previously NXPE Tiger Cubs): John Clarence "MilkteaAR" Cabaron, Gellert Mackenzie "BriskzzzAR" Pangilinan, Josh Ian "DaizoAR" Alburo, Salvick "KouzenAR" Tolarba, Martin Kian "SanaaaAR" Cabaron
  • AP.Bren Hornets (previously Bren Euphoria Esports): MJ "Sh4rpp" Vasquez, Tommy "Kingfrenzy" Tolentino, Aaron "Solaire" Orencia, Jimmy "Wayann" Padua, Robin "Yobabz" Benedicto
  • TNCZ4 (Previously TNC Neos): Jedrick "Micro" Medina, Jhonjie "Jiee" dela Rosa, Kurt "Hao" Navarro, Neil Allen "Kuro" Caga, Vincent "Yusuke" Tenedero
  • RSG Mistah (previously RSG Ignite): Mark Vincent "VANE" Dasig, Sendrey "Drey Scofield" Zabala, Mark John Henrix "SUPER MJAY" Aspa, Joshua "WAN-6" Fajardo, Denniel Denison "XNOVA" Gomez

GameLab are one of the four non-MPL-franchised teams competing in MDL PH S2.

  • GameLab: Jan Bradford "XBOCT" Amande, Vincent Brian "Takenaga" Montilla, Jermaine "Aizawa" Fernandez, Masayuki "YukTzy" Fujita, Mark Ferry "Dokmen" Nazar
  • RRQ Kaito: Kenneth Jiane "Kenji" Villa, Janus "Y4nusu" Badando, Justin Ahron "Shocker" Guanga, Kim "Dai Ki" Sebanes, Karl Rouvic "Karl" Devorosa
  • Euphoria Esports: Christian Francis “HEADS” Morada, Vincent Seth “VENOGO” Orogo, Joshua Aaron “RYUJIN” Ramos, Jan Carl "shizou" Valdez, Lilflesh “ZONE?” Miranda
  • MHRLK: Drin "Dr1nsanity" Fontanilla, Kelvin "Kelvin" Chen, Edriel "Minguin" Gallantes, Aldrin "Seiji" Damian, Miguel "Migss" Sto Niño

MDL PH: Where To Watch

To get involved in the exploding popularity of Mobile Legends esports, all you need to do is head over to the Mobile Legends Bang Bang official YouTube channel and MDL Philippines Facebook page, where live-streaming of the matches will occur.

If you want the schedule for upcoming matches and a play-by-play each week, check out our MDL PH S2 overview on our blog.

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MDL PH: Available Betting Markets

Betting on MDL PH Season 2 has never been easier with Rivalry at the helm! We offer several different betting markets specifically for the tournament to keep things fresh and exciting.

  • Match Winner: This betting market is pretty self-explanatory. This bet allows players to bet on the winner for the overall match.
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Betting Tips and Tricks for MDL PH

Betting tips for MDL PH Season 2.

The MDL PH is still a relatively new venture into the competitive world of esports betting, so it can be hard to know which teams to bet on and how to make your wagers. Don't worry; these essential tips should be enough to make betting on the MDL PH smooth sailing!

Play the game!

The best way to improve is to learn the tricks of the trade, inside and out. Dive into Mobile Legends on your smartphone and learn the meta. Determine which hero counters the enemy heroes, which items work best, and what strategies can be employed. Doing this lets you make more informed bets when choosing your MDL PH team.

Rivalry Academy

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Team Histories

While MDL PH is a baby in the esports world, you can look at the standings from the previous season to gauge each team's success rates and histories. Analyze their player rosters and dive deep. What heroes do they gravitate towards? What strategies do they use? What's their win rate? All of these factors are key for making educated bets on MDL PH.

Listen to pundits

They're called the experts for a reason! Esports pundits and commentators have a wealth of knowledge to tap into. They may have other opinions and information you may not have considered before, allowing you to gain more knowledge to make more informed bets.

FAQs about Mobile Legends and MDL Philippines betting

MDL PH betting FAQs.

Is betting on MDL PH legal?

At Rivalry, betting on all your favorite esports and the MDL PH is 100% legal and always compliant with local laws. Rivalry is a fully licensed and regulated online sportsbook governed under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. 

How can I bet on MDL PH matches?

Deposit cash into a Rivalry account with a pre-approved payment method and bet on some matches. It's that simple!

How do I make a deposit with Rivalry?

Rivalry offers a wide range of depositing options for our users, some of which are instant: MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Alipay, to name a few.

What country do I need to be from to bet with Rivalry?

Rivalry supports most countries getting involved in esports tournament betting, so Filipino esports bettors can bet on their fellow countrymen competing in any MDL PH match. Get involved today!

Where can I watch live MDL PH matches?

All MDL PH matches will be live-streamed on the MDL Philippines official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Who is the favorite team to win the MDL PH?

ECHO Proud won the inaugural MDL PH season by a landslide, with a strong performance over the entire competition. ECHO Proud will be a tough customer to beat coming into the MDL PH Season 2. GameLab came in second last time around, so all eyes will be on these two teams, although there could be some underdogs in the mix, like Blacklist Lunatix.

What are the current MDL PH standings?

Feel free to check out our dedicated MDL PH S2 overview for all the updated information. We will add all upcoming matches, the playoff schedules, and updated standings on there, so keep an eye out!