When Overwatch transitioned into the sequel, Overwatch 2, last year, it brought a ton of new changes to the beloved hero shooter. Gone were the 6v6 balanced team compositions, replaced with a new 5v5 format and a sole Tank leading the charge. There were also some interesting tweaks to the scoreboards, bringing new statistics into the fold.

If you've played Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch 2, you may have come across the mysterious scoreboard stat, "MIT." It's not commonly seen in other popular online shooters like Valorant or CS:GO, so what does it actually mean?

Luckily, Rivalry are here to help you out! Lets' dive into the "MIT" stat, and what it means in Overwatch 2.

What does MIT mean in Overwatch 2?

In short, MIT on the Overwatch 2 scoreboard stands for "damage mitigated." It indicates the damage blocked by using abilities or activating shields. Original Overwatch players may be familar with the previous scoreboard stat "damage blocked," but damage mitigated is actually slightly more complex than that.

MIT tells players how much incoming damage you have stopped by using shields and other mitigating abilities like Ana's Nano Boost, Sigma's Kinetic Grasp, or Orisa's Fortify. Check out our hero tier list for the best Tanks and Supports for the job.

Why is MIT important in Overwatch 2?

You can increase your MIT score by playing any Support or Tank roles in Overwatch 2. This statistic is particularly helpful for Tank players as they can see how much damage they are blocking. The more mitigated damage, the more damage they have absorbed for their team without dying in the process.

High MIT likely means that the player has been able to stand on the frontline for their team, protecting them while they secure objectives and all keeping damage at bay. A good Tank should be able to draw enemy fire and use their shields and other abilities to mitigate damage that comes their way. As their role passive, Tanks also prevent the enemy team from gaining Ultimate when they are dealing damage to them, providing dual utility.

A good mitigating damage stat is not just exclusive to Tanks, however. Support heroes like Lucio and Kiriko can use some of their abilities to protect their team. For example, Lucio's Sound Barrier provides overhealth for his nearby allies, and any damage dealt to them during this time counts as mitigated damage.

Final Thoughts

While a high MIT score is not a deciding factor in any competitive match, it is still helpful information for Tanks and the rest of their team to see what's going well. It can help them improve their overall performance. For example, Zarya is a Tank that revolves around her Particle Barriers. If she has a low MIT score, it can tell players they need to use their Barriers more effectively.

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FAQs about MIT in Overwatch 2

What does MIT stand for?

MIT stands for mitigated, and the damage that has been absorbed by a Tank or Support through their defensive abilities or shields.

Who are the best heroes to increase the MIT stat?

A high MIT rating isn't ground-breaking or important, but it can be satisfying to see that number increase in a game. All Tank heroes will haven a high MIT score. Other heroes like Lucio, Brigitte, and Kiriko