Spooky season and Overwatch 2 Season 7 are both finally here! Blizzard Entertainment is bringing all the scares to Overwatch 2 with their collaboration event with Diablo 4 to celebrate Halloween.

Trials of Sanctuary is a PvE Arcade game mode that shares a theme similar to previous Halloween Terror events. Four players must clear waves of AI enemies, defeating iconic bosses from Diablo 4 like Azamodan Wrecking Ball, Butcher Roadhog, and Lilith Moira to claim victory. 

Read on for more information on Overwatch 2’s Trials of Sanctuary event, including all the free rewards you can claim!

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary: Release Date and End Date

The Trials of Sanctuary game mode became live on October 10, 2023, alongside the release of Season 7. The event will end on November 2, 2023, just after Halloween. As such, players have over three weeks to claim their goodies and triumph over the Sanctuary! 

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary: Gameplay Guide

Before playing Trials of Sanctuary, you can select your difficulty: Normal, Hard, Expert, Legendary. If you’ve never played, start with Normal to learn the ropes. 

Assemble your party once you’re in the game with three other players. You can only choose from Reinhardt, Zarya, Pharah, Sombra, Illari, and Lifeweaver. We recommend going for one Tank, two DPS, and one Support but the choice is yours. 

Once you’re in the game, head through the red portal by interacting with it. From here, you’re thrust straight into the pits of Hell. Clear the first wave of enemies before taking on the Fortified Demon mini-boss, who resembles Orisa. 

The next wave of enemies will batter your team if you’re not careful! After this influx of enemies comes the Butcher Roadhog. Defeat him, then collect the dropped equipment upgrades to boost your team's strength. Every boss drops these alongside cube stat upgrades, so keep an eye out and don’t miss any. 

The following bosses to step up to the plate are Shaman Rammatra and Treasure Goblin Junkrat for extra loot. Be careful of omnic enemies using Mei’s slowing abilities and Ice Wall, as they can trap you away from your team. If a teammate dies, you can revive them; ensure it’s safe first. Any damage dealt to you will interrupt the revive process. 

The final two bosses are Azmodan Wrecking Ball and Lilith Moira. Be wary of Lilith in particular, as she can use Fade to change her location, and her powerful Biotic Orbs can deal plenty of damage if you’re grouped up. The waves of omnics during this phase can also receive a “nano” power-up, so they deal more damage. After defeating Lilith, you’ve bested the Trials of Sanctuary! 

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary: Challenges and Rewards

Just like the last crossover event with One Punch Man, players can dive headfirst into some gameplay challenges to earn some easy free rewards. Unfortunately, no skins are up for grabs this time, but you can still earn some Battle Pass XP, sprays, and a player title.

Look below to see what Diablo-4-themed goodies you can snag for yourself!

  • Sanctuary Fighter: Win Trials of Sanctuary on any difficulty to get Inariu’s Blessing (Spray)
  • Hardened Sanctuary Fighter: Win Trials of Sanctuary on Hard difficulty to get Moira’s “In the Shadows” voice line and Lillith’s Curse (Spray). 
  •  Expert Sanctuary Fighter: Win Trials of Sanctuary on Expert difficulty to get the Blessed Mother name card and Moira’s “Be Beautiful” voice line. 
  • Legendary Sanctuary Fighter: Win Trials of Sanctuary on Legendary difficulty to get the Hero of the Light Overwatch 2 player title. 
  • Out for Blood: Eliminate 12 bosses in Trials of Sanctuary to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP and Inarius’s Helm player icon. 
  • Light’s Blessing: Acquire four Unique Loots items for your hero and win Trials of Sanctuary to get the Enraged Mask weapon charm and 2,500 Battle Pass XP. 

Overwatch 2 Trials of Sanctuary: How to get the Lilith Moira skin 

Sorry to those skin collectors out there! The Lilith Moira skin is not available through the Battle Pass or gameplay challenges. Instead, you’ll have to fork out around $40 from your wallet and purchase the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle (Season 7) from the in-game shop. 

Here’s what the Battle Pass Ultimate Edition for Season 7 includes: 

  • Premium Battle Pass (Season 7) and 20 tier skips
  • 2,000 Overwatch Coins
  • Inarius Pharah skin (Legendary)
  • Lilith Moira skin (Legendary)
  • Pumpkin Bastion (Epic)
  • Be Beautiful highlight intro (for Moira)
  • Inarius’s Side spray
  • Lilith’s Side spray 

We’re unsure if Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing Lilith Moira into the shop on its own, but we do know that plnety of players want to get their hands on it!

Final Thoughts

That’s our lowdown on the Trials of Sanctuary game mode in Overwatch 2. It gives fans what they want in terms of PvE without recycling the same Junkenstein Halloween game mode. Unshackle yourself and become a hero of light today, and defeat Lilith!

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