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The summer period of the Valorant Champions Tour is officially kicking off with VCT Pacific Stage 2, starting on June 15 with the Group Stage. The stakes are high as this all-important tournament decides which three VCT Pacific teams are heading to Champions while the other eight are sent home packing.

Currently, Gen.G Esports is waving the flag for VCT Pacific as the VCT Masters Shanghai winners, riding the waves of their success. However, in the regular season, anyone is fair game as strong powerhouses like Paper Rex and T1 are also hunting for all-important VCT circuit points.

Read on for our VCT Pacific Stage 2 overview, including the schedule, live standings, and all eleven teams competing.

VCT Pacific Stage 2: Format

All the international leagues in the Valorant Champions Tour have the same format for Stage 1 and Stage 2, consisting of the same 11 competing teams, a Group Stage, and Playoffs.

VCT Pacific Stages 1 and 2 are divided by international events, aka VCT Masters. Sentinels won in VCT Masters Madrid, while VCT Pacific team Gen.G Esports snagged the dub in Shanghai.

Group Stage (June 15 - July 8)

  • The 11 teams are divided into two groups: Alpha and Omega. The former has five teams, while the latter has six, based on their results from Stage 1, Masters Madrid, and Play-In. For example, Stage 1 Playoff semifinalists T1 and DRX are sorted into two separate groups
  • All matches are Bo3
  • The top six teams, regardless of their group, advance to the Playoffs based on their overall scores from Stages 1 and 2
  • There are no cross-group matches in Stage 2
  • The remaining five teams are eliminated

Playoffs (July 12 - July 21)

  • Hybrid-elimination format featuring six teams
  • Upper Bracket Quarterfinals are single-elimination
  • Upper Bracket Semifinals onwards are double-elimination
  • All matches, excluding the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final, are Bo3
  • The Grand Final and Lower Bracket Final are Bo5
  • The top three teams advance to VCT Champions

While there's no prize pool available for VCT Pacific Stage 2, the teams compete to earn valuable circuit points, deciding if they get an invite to VCT Champions in August.

VCT Pacific Stage 2: Teams

The Valorant Champions Tour is back for VCT Pacific Stage 2, maintaining the same 11 teams from Stage 1. VCT Pacific Kickoff winner Gen.G Esports looks to continue their dominance after a successful VCT Masters. Will any other team be able to knock them off their perch? We will soon find out.

Here are all 11 teams competing in VCT Pacific 2024 and the confirmed active roster for each team.

  • Paper Rex: mindfreak, f0rsakeN, d4v41, something, Jinggg
  • Gen.G Esports: Meteor, t3xture, Lakia, Munchkin, Karon
  • T1: Sayaplayer, Carpe,xccurate, iZu, Rossy
  • DRX: BuZz, MaKo, Foxy9, BeYN, Flashback
  • Team Secret: JessieVash, Jremy, invy, 2ge, Wild0reoo
  • Talon Esports: Crws, JitboyS, ban, Govenor, Surf
  • Global Esports: Lightnignfast, Benkai, Russ, blaZek1ng, Polvi
  • Rex Regum Qeon: xffero, Lmemore, Estrella, Jemkin, Monyet
  • Bleed Esports: Deryeon, sScary, Zest, Retla, crazyguy
  • ZETA DIVISION: Laz, Dep, SugarZ3ro, hiroronn, Yuran
  • DetonatioN FocusMe: neth, Meiy, SSeeS, Anthem, Medusa

Here is how the above teams are divided for the Group Stage.

  • Group Alpha: Bleed Esports, Gen.G Esports, Global Esports, T1, Team Secret
  • Group Omega: DetonatioN FocusMe, DRX, Paper Rex, Rex Regum Qeon, Talon Esports, ZETA Division

VCT Pacific Stage 2: Schedule

VCT Pacific Stage 2 begins on June 15 and runs until July 21 for 36 days of high-stakes Valorant gameplay. All matches will happen every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, except Super Week from July 5 - 8.

Below is the schedule for the VCT Pacific Stage 2 tournament. All times listed will be in BST, and match winners will be in bold.

Week One (June 15 - 17)

June 15

  • 9:00 AM: ZETA DIVISION vs. DRX
  • 12:00 PM: Bleed Esports vs. Team Secret

June 16

  • 9:00 AM: T1 vs. Gen.G Esports
  • 12:00 PM: Paper Rex vs. Talon Esports

June 17

  • 9:00 AM: Rex Regum Qeon vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
  • 12:00 PM: Global Esports vs. Team Secret

Week Two (June 22 - 24)

June 22

  • 9:00 AM: Talon Esports vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 12:00 PM: Paper Rex vs. DRX

June 23

  • 9:00 AM: Bleed Esports vs. Global Esports
  • 12:00 PM: DetonatioN FocusMe vs. ZETA DIVISION

June 24

  • 9:00 AM: DRX vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 12:00 PM: T1 vs. Team Secret

Week Three (June 29 - July 1)

June 29

  • 9:00 AM: Talon Esports vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
  • 12:00 PM: Rex Regum Qeon vs. ZETA DIVISION

June 30

  • 9:00 AM: T1 vs. Global Esports
  • 12:00 PM: Gen.G Esports vs. Bleed Esports

July 1

  • 9:00 AM: Paper Rex vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
  • 12:00 PM: DRX vs. Talon Esports

Week Four (July 5 - 8)

July 5

  • 9:00 AM: Paper Rex vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 12:00 PM: Gen.G Esports vs. Global Esports

July 6

  • 9:00 AM: DRX vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
  • 12:00 PM: Talon Esports vs. ZETA DIVISION

July 7

  • 9:00 AM: Team Secret vs. Gen.G Esports
  • 12:00 PM: ZETA DIVISION vs. Paper Rex

July 8

  • 9:00 AM: T1 vs. Bleed Esports

Playoffs (July 12 - 21)

July 12: Upper Bracket Quarterfinals (Knockout Round)

  • 9:00 AM: Gen.G Esports vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 12:00 PM: Team Secret vs. Talon Esports

July 13: Upper Bracket Semifinals

  • 9:00 AM: Paper Rex vs. Gen.G Esports
  • 12:00 PM: DRX vs. Talon Esports

July 14: Upper Bracket Final

  • 9:00 AM: Gen.G Esports vs. DRX

July 14: Lower Bracket Semifinal

  • 12:00 PM: Paper Rex vs. Talon Esports

July 20 - Lower Bracket Final

  • 9:00 AM: DRX vs. Paper Rex

July 21 - Grand Final

  • 9:00 AM: Gen.G Esports vs. TBD

As always, all VCT Pacific matches will be hosted at the COEX Artium in the heart of South Korea in Seoul. Tickets to watch the matches are available here, with prices starting at 15,000 won(₩), converting to around $12.

If you can't watch the matches in person, don't worry! VCT Pacific Stage 2 matches will be broadcast on the official account for the Valorant Champions Tour Pacific on YouTube and Twitch in English, with the Twitch channel embedded below.

Secondary regional Twitch streams to accommodate fans across Asia are also available for KoreaJapanIndonesiaThailandTaiwanIndiaVietnam, and the Philippines.

VCT Pacific Stage 2: Overall Standings


Team Name

Qualifies To

VCT Pacific Circuit Points



VCT Champions 2024




VCT Champions 2024




VCT Champions 2024



Talon Esports



5th - 6th

Rex Regum Qeon, Team Secret



7th - 8th




9th - 10th

Global Esports, DetonatioN FocusMe




Bleed Esports



Final Thoughts

That was our complete overview for VCT Pacific Stage 2, encompassing the Group Stage and Playoffs. We'll update this article daily to reflect all the current standings, match winners, and schedule changes, so bookmark this page to stay informed! Which VCT Pacific teams will advance to VCT Champions? Only time will tell.

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