Everyone knows that having a skin is the key to triumphing in MOBA games like Mobile Legends - have you ever heard of "skin to win?" Of course, cosmetics and skins offer no in-game benefits or bonuses, but they do make us feel more confident while playing!

Mobile Legends boasts hundreds upon hundreds of skins for users to choose from, but some heroes' skins are better than others. Here are some of the best skins in Mobile Legends for you to spend your Diamonds on!

What are Mobile Legends skins?

A hero skin in Mobile Legends is designed to change the visual appearance of a character without affecting their gameplay. These skins are often purchased through the in-game store using Diamonds, with some only being available for a limited time.

Similar to its popular MOBA rival, League of Legends, every skin in Mobile Legends has a unique splash art and character models, and some even have their own animations and sound effects! While they don't have in-game advantages, having an MLBB skin is a great way to flex on other players before thrashing them in lane.

How many Mobile Legends skins are there?

There are hundreds of skins in Mobile Legends, ranging from basic skins to the legendary Zodiac skins. Some skins are inspired by pop culture, like the MLBB x Jujutsu Kaisen crossover and Transformers.. Some skins even come from esports teams that have won the MLBB World Championship!

For example, most Epic skins are from the Grand Collection event, which happens monthly. These events cost players thousands of diamonds or Grand Collection Tokens. The Grand Collection draw allows players to earn a Basic Skin or the super rare Collector skins.

Every month, Moonton drop at least 5-10 new skins, so we estimate that there are over 200 skins currently in the game, with more added all the time!

Sakura Wishes Guinevere

Wearing a traditional kimono with cherry blossoms adorning her hair and fireworks in the background, Guinevere's Sakura Wishes is the perfect skin to purchase before entering the new year.

This special skin was released to celebrate New Year 2021 and could be purchased for 749 Diamonds. Kick off your matches with a bang and manifest victory!

Pisces Lancelot

Wielding the impressive power of the sea, Pisces Lancelot is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing skins in the game and is also one of the fan-favorite Zodiac skins.

Zodiac skins are based on the 12 constellations of the Western Zodiac. Lancelot Pisces is only available in the in-game shop from February 19 until March 20, the date for that specific zodiac.

Angelic Agent Lesley

Angelic Agent Lesley is straight from the heavens above. This celestial beauty is the Legend skin to be released in the time-limited Diamond Vault, where players would dig down to increase their chance of scoring a rare skin. One dig would set players back 10-0 diamonds, and five digs would be priced at 450.

When players eventually got to 100 digs, the skin would be guaranteed - that's a whopping 9,000 diamonds for just one skin! This skin stands out as one of the GOATs, as Lesley stands amid a firey landscape with her heavenly golden wings being the crowning feature.

Pixel Blast Wanwan

A blast from the past, Pixel Blast Wanwan is a Collector skin released in February 2021. It leans heavily into a retro-neon aesthetic, with a WiFi symbol and "game over" in the background of the splash art, ironically how players will feel if they don't get their hands on this skin!

Decked out in a futuristic costume with fluorescent lights surrounding her, Pixel Blast Wawan is the perfect skin for fans of the arcade!

Rattan Dragon Estes

Rattan Dragon Estes is the perfect skin for fans of fantasy games like World of Warcraft or Diablo 4. This radiant and majestic skin brings all the elven vibes you need to this beginner support hero.

This skin is part of the Dragon Tamer skin line and has a color palette radiating green, gold, and yellow hues with subtle dragon scales. This unique cosmetic can be purchased from the in-game store for 899 diamonds, and is great for any players wanting to copy Blacklist Rivalry's UBE strategy!

Eyes of Eternity Lunox

A balance between good and evil, the Eyes of Eternity Lunox skin reflects the infinite conflicting nature of the universe, with an angel and devil over both of her shoulders in the splash art.

Eyes of Eternity works well with Lunox's nature as she shifts between the Power of Chaos and the Power of Good. While Lunox is one of the most complex mage heroes in the game, this skin is worth picking up for just 899 Diamonds!

Starfall Knight Granger

Starfall Knight Granger is Legend skin, decking Granger out in a mech suit, glowing blue eyes, and a futuristic sci-fi laser pistol and cannon. The splash art for this skin is super impressive, making it one of the best skins in MLBB.

What makes this skin truly pop is the unique animations and visual upgrades that come with it - it even has custom recall effects! Unfortunately, this skin was only available through a limited-time event and the Legend Encore.

Death Oath Benedetta

Death Oath Benedetta is a Collector skin that sees an almost complete overhaul of her visual effects. It was available through the Grand Collection event in July 2021 and is one of the stand-out skins in MLBB.

True to its name, Benedetta is decked out in dark-violet garb, complete with a glowing demonic sword. A skin trailer showed her fighting off hordes of unholy creatures in the Land of Dawn. She may be available in future Grand Collection events, so keep your eyes peeled!

King of Hell Franco

Welcome to the Underworld, with the King of Hell skin for Franco. This Legend skin transforms the Viking Pirate into demonic royalty, with a mane of white hair and an ominous aura of glowing purple fire surrounding him.

As if that isn't enough, he has two glowing skeletal hands emerging from his body, ready to grab anyone who enters his sight. This skin is guaranteed to instil fear into anyone laning against him in Mobile Legends. As a contender for the best skin in MLBB, it is a rare jewel and costs one Magic Crystal to obtain.

Lunar Magic Chang'e

Chang'e, named after the Chinese Goddess of the Moon, truly leans into her lunar roots with this gorgeous lunar witch skin. This cosmetic's purple, blue, and gold tones remind players of a moonlit starry night sky.

Her Ultimate ability allows her to unleash a celestial meteor shower, creating an eclipse, suiting the Lunar Magic skins theme. This Epic Skin was available in the June 2020 Lucky Boxes and can no longer be obtained.

Final Thoughts

That was our buyer's guide to some of the best MLBB skins in the Land of Dawn! New skins are added to the game frequently, so check out the store often to see what you can get your hands on!

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