A new Mobile Legends hero will join the growing roster, with a rumored release date of mid-September or October! The upcoming Mobile Legends hero is confirmed to be Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder. He will be the 122nd character, and has since been released on the Mobile Legends advanced server for players to test out for themselves.

Nolan looks to be a unique character with a galactic aesthetic and mysterious backstory, rumored to be Layla's father. Interestingly, he is also an Assassin hero who utilizes an energy-based resource system instead of Mana and looks to have plenty of crowd control in his arsenal.

Here's everything we know about Nolan's skills and his gameplay style.

Mobile Legends Nolan: Abilities

Dimensional Rift (Passive)

Nolan's skills cut through time and space, creating a Rift on the ground that lasts for five seconds. If other heroes walk through his Dimensional Rift, they are slowed by 30%. If two Rifts come into contact, they will explode after a short delay, dealing 150 (+120% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage and pulling enemies in.

Nolan gains 15 extra energy for each enemy hero or any creeps hit by a Rift explosion. When multi-damaging explosions hit the same enemy simultaneously, the subsequent damage is reduced to 75% of the previous hit. After six seconds, Nolan enhances his Basic Attack to dash and pierce the target for Physical Damage while creating a Rift.

Expansion (Skill 1)

Nolan cuts a rectangular area in his target direction, dealing 230/280/330/280/430/480 (+40% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage, slowing enemies hit by 30% for one second.

Gauge (Skill 2)

Nolan charges to a target location, dealing 70/100/130/160/190/220 (+30% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to any enemies in his path.

Fracture (Ultimate)

Nolan slashes enemies in front of him, dealing 100/150/200 (+15% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage three times, and leaving behind three Rifts. During this, Nolan removes all debuffs afflicting him and slashes backward, dealing additional damage.

Mobile Legends Nolan: Gameplay Overview

The new hero, Nolan, is predicted to be primarily a Jungler, as a strong Assassin hero with the Energy resource. As such, players would be wise to choose Purple Buff, which reduces all skill cooldowns and his Energy Cost by 25%. Purple Buff will also give Nolan some much-needed sustain, as he will restore HP when killing enemy units (3% for minions, 8% for enemy heroes, and 12% for creeps).

Nolan specializes in the chase, with plenty of Burst damage from his passive Dimensional Rifts and explosions. With Dimensional Rift, he will also have some helpful crowd control for team fights, slowing the enemy in their tracks and able to pull them together. His entire gameplay revolves around strategically-placed Rifts and funneling the enemy team into them.

What Nolan lacks in Magic Damage, he makes up for in his high mobility and Attack Damage. His Skill 2 allows him to blink in a target direction while dealing damage, making him extremely threatening to unsuspecting victims.

Nolan's Ultimate, Fracture, can also be used offensively or defensively, as it cleanses any debuffs affecting him. Due to his complexity, it's doubtful he will be a good beginner hero for newer players.

Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for more news on Nolan, the Cosmic Wayfinder's release date, estimated to be mid-September! It'll be fun to see how the new addition affects the meta in the future, but no doubt he will be immediately strong upon his release before being hit with balance changes accordingly.

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FAQs About New Mobile Legends Heroes

How much will new hero Nolan cost in Mobile Legends?

New Mobile Legends heroes are typically expensive, costing anywhere from 599 to 899 diamonds. Check out our guide to getting free diamonds here.

Who was the latest hero released on Mobile Legends?

The newest hero was Marksman hero Ixia, who debuted on July 8, 2023. She was the 121st MLBB hero to join the growing roster.

Who are the new heroes on Mobile Legends?

While Nolan is the newest confirmed hero to be joining the Mobile Legends roster, data miners have unveiled an unreleased Marksman hero, Cici. She uses a yoyo as a weapon and is expected to arrive after the release of Nolan later in 2023.