Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bepop: Skins, Rewards, Challenges

Guess who's back, back again. Overwatch 2 has shocked fans yet again with their second anime collaboration, this time with the iconic space-western Cowboy Bepop. This latest crossover for the hero shooter will bring tons of in-game cosmetics, emotes, and hero skins inspired by the beloved anime Cowboy Bepop. 

The stars of this collab are Cassidy, Ashe, Mauga, Wrecking Ball, and Sombra, as they all get a makeover -anime style- to celebrate this limited-time event. 

While this crossover event probably won’t include arcade game modes like the LE SSERAFIM or Loverwatch, it will feature fun gameplay challenges and cosmetic rewards that players can get for free. 

Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bepop will begin on March 12 and continue until the beginning of April. Here’s everything we know so far about the event, including how to get free unlockable cosmetics and bonus rewards. 


Overwatch Cowboy Bepop skins

In an epic reveal trailer, Blizzard Entertainment showcased the heroes getting the “Cowboy Bepop” treatment. 

These skins will likely be available from the in-game shop, purchased with Overwatch Coins, the premium in-game currency bought with real money. 

While the event has yet to launch, we can assume Blizzard will offer each skin as a separate bundle. We will update the section below when we have bundle prices and their contents.

Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bepop: Shop Bundles

Faye Valentine Ashe Bundle - 2,500 Overwatch Coins

  • Faye Valentine Ashe (Legendary)
  • Hip Shooter Highlight Intro
  • Coach Gun Victory Pose
  • Dynamic Duo Victory Pose
  • Faye Valentine Name Card

Spike Spiegel Cassidy Bundle - 2,500 Overwatch Coins

  • Spike Spiegel Cassidy (Legendary)
  • Revolver Twirl Highlight Intro
  • Finger Gun Emote
  • Swordfish II Weapon Charm
  • Spike Spiegel Name Card

Ed Sombra Bundle - 2,500 Overwatch Coins

  • Ed Sombra (Legendary)
  • Ed's Saunter Emote
  • Ed Name Card

Jet Black Mauga Bundle - 2,500 Overwatch Coins

  • Jet Black Mauga (Legendary)
  • Bonsai Weapon Charm
  • Jet Black Name Card

All of the above can also be purchased as part of the Cowboy Bepop Mega Bundle, priced at 6,600 Overwatch Coins. This equates to around $22 USD.


Similar to the One Punch Man crossover event a year ago, it’s likely that many of the Cowboy Bepop-themed cosmetics will be unlocked through various gameplay challenges. This includes the Legendary Ein Wrecking Ball skin. 

Each challenge may reward players with a cosmetic, such as an in-game voiceline, emote, weapon charm, or player title. Winning games will also grant the player double progress towards challenge completion, alongside Season 9 Battle Pass XP. For example, wins may count as two games rather than one. 

  • The Real Folk Blues: Complete 5 Cowboy Bepop Challenges to get the Ein Weapon Charm and 5,000 Battle Pass XP
  • Carry That Weight: Complete 11 Cowboy Bepop Challenges to get the Ein Wrecking Ball (Legendary) skin
  • Bang!: Deal 5,000 critical damage to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Be-Bopped!: Use your Ultimate 30 times (excludes Total Mayhem and Co-Op Modes) to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Eye of the Present: Earn 30 Assists or Eliminations from within 15 meters to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Honky Tonk Helper: Heal 30,000 damage to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Bounty Hunter I: Complete 12 games - wins grant double progress to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Bounty Hunter II: Complete 24 games - wins grant double progress to get the Ein Player Icon and 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • Bounty Hunter III: Complete 36 games - wins grant double progress to get 2,500 Battle Pass XP
  • See You Space Cowboy: Complete 48 games - wins grant double progress to get the Ein Name Card and 2,500 Battle Pass XP

More Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bepop challenges will unlock in six days, so stay tuned!

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