Last updated: May 30, 2023 (updated standings and match results.)

The Valorant Champions Tour is the pinnacle of Valorant esports. The 2023 VCT season kicked off with a bang with the biggest LAN event in Valorant history, VCT LOCK//IN Brazil. Following Fnatic's victory in São Paulo, all 30 partner teams made their way home to compete in their seperate regional leagues.

As part of Valorant's newly revamped competitive ecosystem for 2023, VCT Americas is one of three international leagues in the VCT structure, with the other two being Pacific, and EMEA.

The ten top teams from North America, Latin America, and Brazil will collide at the Riot Games Arena, Los Angeles, as the hub for Riot Games esports. VCT Americas will kick off its inaugural season on April 1, running until May 20. These teams are competing for a shot at qualifying for Masters Tokyo, and for a slot in the end-of-year event Valorant Champions.

Here's everything you need to know about VCT Americas 2023.

VCT Americas 2023: Format

The VCT 2023 Americas League will begin its official season debut with the regular season on April 1. All ten teams will face off in a single round-robin format, where every match will be played as a best-of-three.

The best six teams will progress from the regular season to the playoffs, which will be an intense double-elimination bracket split into a lower and upper bracket. The top three teams from VCT 2023 Americas League will qualify for the VCT Masters Tokyo in July and VCT Champions at the end of the year.

Below is the complete schedule for each stage of VCT Americas 2023:

  • Regular Season - April 1 - May 20
  • Playoffs - May 23 - May 28
  • Last Chance Qualifier - July 15 - July 23

The prize pool for VCT Americas League 2023 is yet to be announced.

VCT Americas 2023: Teams Competing

Ten solid teams are competing in the VCT Americas League. Will LOUD continue to show dominance, as they came in a respectable second place in VCT LOCK//IN Brazil? Only one way to find out!

Here are all the teams competing in the VCT Americas League and their complete player rosters.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves have a fabled history in Valorant, delivering consistently strong results throughout their tenure. They made it to the quarterfinals of VCT LOCK//IN, where they lost to Fnatic. We have the ultimate guide to pro-Valorant player in-game settings like Asuna here.

  • Brenden McGrath - "stellar"
  • Peter Mazuryk - "Asuna"
  • Sean Bezerra - "bang"
  • Drrek Ha - "Derrek"
  • Matthew Panganiban - "Cryocells"


Cloud9 is one of the most recognizable esports organizations in the industry and has a strong history in Valorant. They came in 9th-16 place in VCT LOCK//IN and are looking to improve upon this with some new additions to their roster.

  • Nathan Orf - "leaf"
  • Jake Anderson - "jakee"
  • Dylan Cade - "runi"
  • Erick Bach - "Xeppaa"
  • Mateja Mijović - "qpert"
  • Jordan Montemurro - "Zellsis"

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses are the proud underdogs of the North American Valorant scene, as their strong roster is infused with international experience and a wide array of underrated talent.

  • Kelden Pupello - "Boostio"
  • Vincent Le - "Apotheon"
  • Brenden Jensen -"BcJ"
  • Corbin Lee -"C0M"
  • Ethan Arnold - "Ethan"
  • Jeffrey Lu - "Reformed"
  • Alexander Mor - "jawgemo"

FURIA Esports

FURIA may lack the well-known players' other teams have, but they still showed a competitive edge and hidden power in the VCT LOCK//IN, as they came in the top ten teams overall.

  • Matheus Araújo - "mazin"
  • Douglas Silva - "dgzin"
  • Khalil Schmidt - "Khalil"
  • Gabtiel Lima - "qck"
  • Leonardo Serrati - "mwzera"
  • Vitor Hugo - "kon4n"

KRÜ Esports

KRÜ Esports had a disappointing stint in their VCT LOCK//IN run, as their team finished in 17th-32nd place. Chilean Valorant start "keznit" has returned to the fold after briefly leaving the squad to join Leviatán.

  • Nicolas Ferrari - "Klaus"
  • Santiago Galvis Ruiz - "Daveeyz"
  • Marco Amaro - "Melser"
  • Angelo Mori - "keznit"
  • Juan Pablo Lopez - "Nagz"
  • Carlos Galvão -"axeddy"


Formerly stylized as Leviatán Esports, Leviatán are ones to watch in the LATAM and Brazil Valorant scene. Other teams respect their strengths, as they came in a respectable 6th place in VCT LOCK//IN.

  • Francisco Aravena - "kiNgg"
  • Fabian Usnayo - "Shyy"
  • Roberto Rivas - "Mazino"
  • Agustin Ibarra - "Nozwerr"
  • Vicente Compagnon - "Tacolilla"


After LOCK//IN Brazil, LOUD came a close second, within touching distance of becoming the first team in Valorant history to win multiple international-level leagues. They are ones to watch in VCT Americas 2023, as they are currently the defending world champions.

  • Matias Delipetro - "saadhak"
  • Felipe Basso - "Less"
  • Arthur Vieira - "tuyz"
  • Erick Santos - "aspas"
  • Cuan Pereira - "cauanzin"


MIBR have much to prove coming into VCT Americas League, as they came home with a disappointing result following the VCT LOCK//IN tournament.

  • Murillo Tuchtenhagen - "Murizz"
  • Leandro Gomes - "frz"
  • Olavo Marcelo - "heat"
  • Matheus Rodigoli - "rglm"
  • André Saidel - "txozin"
  • João Pedro - "jzz"


NRG have a solid player lineup, with three former players from the OpTic core lineup. They looked mighty in the VCT LOCK//IN, having a solid win against KOI, a revered EMEA partner team.

  • Pujan Mehta - "FNS"
  • Victor Wong - "victor"
  • Ardis Svarenieks - "ardiss"
  • Sam Oh - "s0m"
  • Austin Roberts - "crashies"


Sentinels are one of the most popular teams in Valorant, as they dominated the early days of its competitive ecosystem. Since then, their results have been consistently average, so let's hope they turn back to their glory days in VCT Americas!

  • Rory Jackson - "dephh"
  • Zachary Patrone - "zekken"
  • Gustavo Rossi - "Sacy"
  • Tyson Ngo - "TenZ"
  • Jinny Nguyen - "Marved"
  • Byran Luna - "paNcada"


Partnering with pro-Valorant player and streamer Matthew "Yu" Wardell, we have made some predictions for the VCT 2023 season. Wardell will host several watch party streams on his Twitch channel, sharing his insights throughout the VCT 2023 season.

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VCT Americas 2023: Where To Watch

All matches across the VCT Americas League will be broadcast on the official Valorant Americas Twitch and YouTube channels. We have embedded the official English Twitch stream below.

VCT Americas 2023: Schedule

All VCT Americas League matches will occur every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, starting at 12PM PT. The exception to this is the Super Week on April 22-25, where each team will play two matches.

Below is the schedule for VCT Americas League, including Super Week and the Playoffs. All times listed are in PT, and the match winners will be emboldened for reader convenience.

VCT Americas 2023: Playoffs Schedule

May 23

  • Leviatán Vs. FURIA - 1-2
  • NRG Vs. Evil Geniuses - 1-2

May 24

  • LOUD Vs. FURIA - 2-0
  • Cloud9 Vs. Evil Geniuses- 0-2

May 25

  • Cloud9 Vs. Leviatán - 2-1
  • FURIA Vs. NRG - 0-2

May 26

  • LOUD Vs. Evil Geniuses - 2-1

May 27

  • Cloud9 Vs. NRG - 1-2
  • Evil Geniuses Vs. NRG - 1-3

May 28 - Grand Final

  • LOUD Vs. NRG - 3-0

VCT Americas 2023: Week 1

April 1

  • 12PM - Sentinels Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - KRÜ Vs. FURIA

April 2

  • 12PM - LOUD Vs. MIBR
  • 3PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. Cloud9

April 3

  • 12PM - Leviatán Vs. NRG

VCT Americas 2023: Week 2

April 8

  • 12PM - Cloud9 Vs. LOUD
  • 3PM - Leviatán Vs. FURIA

April 9

  • 12PM - Sentinels Vs. NRG
  • 3PM - MIBR Vs. KRÜ

April 10

  • 12PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. 100 Thieves

VCT Americas 2023: Week 3

April 15

  • 12PM - Cloud9 Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - NRG Vs. MIBR

April 16

  • 12PM - Sentinels Vs. Leviatán
  • 3PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. KRÜ

April 17


VCT Americas 2023: Week 4 (Super Week)

April 21

  • 12PM - LOUD Vs. Sentinels
  • 3PM - MIBR Vs. Leviatán

April 22

  • 12PM - KRÜ Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. FURIA

April 23

  • 12PM - Cloud9 Vs. NRG
  • 3PM - MIBR Vs. Sentinels

April 24

  • 12PM - 100 Thieves Vs. Leviatán
  • 3PM - LOUD Vs. Evil Geniuses

April 25

  • 12PM - FURIA Vs. Cloud9
  • 3PM - NRG Vs. KRÜ

VCT Americas 2023: Week 5

April 29

  • 12PM - NRG Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - MIBR Vs. FURIA

April 30

  • 12PM - Cloud9 Vs. Sentinels
  • 3PM - Leviatán Vs. Evil Geniuses

May 1

  • 12PM - LOUD Vs. KRÜ

VCT Americas 2023: Week 6

May 6

  • 12PM - Senintels Vs. Evil Geniuses
  • 3PM - Cloud9 Vs. MIBR

May 7

  • 12PM - LOUD Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - Leviatán Vs. KRÜ

May 8

  • 12PM - FURIA Vs. NRG

VCT Americas 2023: Week 7

May 13

  • 12PM - FURIA Vs. 100 Thieves
  • 3PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. MIBR

May 14

  • 12PM - KRÜ Vs. Sentinels
  • 3PM - NRG Vs. LOUD

May 15

  • 12PM - Leviatán Vs. Cloud9

VCT Americas 2023: Week 8

May 18

  • 12PM - Sentinels Vs. FURIA
  • 3PM - Evil Geniuses Vs. NRG

May 19

  • 12PM - KRÜ Vs. Cloud9
  • 3PM - Leviatán Vs. LOUD

May 20

  • 12PM - MIBR Vs. 100 Thieves

VCT Americas 2023: Standings

The top three teams automatically earn a qualification to VCT Masters Tokyo and VCT Champions later this year. The teams in 4th to 10th placed will also be able to compete again the Last Chance Qualifiers to try and snatch a place in VCT Champions.

1) LOUD - $100,000

2) NRG - $65,000

3) Evil Geniuses - $40,000

4) Cloud9 - $25,000

5) Leviatán - $15,000

6) FURIA Esports - $5,000

7) Sentinels

8) 100 Thieves


10) KRÜ Esports

We will update this article weekly with match results and the current VCT Americas standings. Rivalry is the home of all things esports, from Valorant guides to information about Counter-Strike 2's new features, like responsive smoke grenades and the sub-tick system.