Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of today’s most celebrated MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) games. But unfortunately, the game has a steep learning curve. So, becoming a pro player, let alone one of the best in the world, isn’t something we can take for granted.

 In this guide, we take the time to celebrate some of the strongest mobile legends players in the world.

The 10 Best Mobile Legend Players

MLBB is a Moontoon-developed online multiplayer game released in 2016. It enjoys worldwide appeal. Mobile legends players create their characters, which they call heroes.

Each player joins a dream team to which they must bring special skills and tactics for the most kills. The best mobile legends players in the world have proven to be influential assets to their teams.

The following individuals have set themselves apart as being exceptionally tough and strong Mobile Legends Bang Bang players:

  1. Karl Tzy
  2. Kairi
  3. Wise
  4. Ferxiic
  5. OhMyV33nus
  6. MobaZona
  7. Farway
  8. Moon
  9. Hatred
  10. 4Meyz


This absolutely badass Filipino gamer/game developer currently runs the jungler roles for ECHO. Tzy’s spotlight in Bren eSports deserves an accolade. His aggressive play and performance were unforgettable and varied, making his team take home the Warling  Champions medal.

Recently, however, criticism has been festering about Tzy’s gameplay in Lancelot games. Speculations are that he will probably move away to other teams to try and improve the group’s dynamics


Kairi is in the pro mobile legends scene, competing against pro MLBB players from around the world. He began her career at only 16, playing for great mobile legend teams, including Blacklist International.

Presently Kairi is a member of the Onic PH team. Unfortunately, the team doesn’t have many notable achievements. However, they played correctly and actively participated in multiple highly-competitive circuits.

The Onic PH enjoys high status thanks to Kairi, whom they’ve nicknamed “The Future” because of his near-perfect game predictions. In addition, this absolute beast has several grand tournament achievements under his belt. Indeed, Gusian and Lancelot fans hold Kairi in very high regard.


If you actively play mobile legends games, you probably have heard about the good hero and MPL Philippines season gold winner, Wise.

Although he retired from the MPL Philippines season (a move that upset a great number of his fans), this player has won many accolades for his native nation.

Even after retiring from MPL Philippines season, Wise keeps an aggressive playing style, a tight practice schedule, and has continued to build quite an impressive career at Blacklist International and the MPL Philippines season.

Consequently, Wise has become a well-recognized, unstoppable force in the MPL Philippines season as well as the professional MLBB tournaments.


Moontoon holds innumerable mobile legends contests annually. Several players have stood out as kings in the MLBB jungle. Ferxiic, an Indonesian jungler for the EVOS legends team, is one of those kings. A jungle king of early and mid-game.

Ferxiic made a name for himself at only 17 years of age as an assassin in the “Fanny Player Highlights” series. Even though some believe that EVOS sg and Ferxiic have a slim chance of winning the MPL tile, this player has been training extensively to widen his enemy heroes pool.

Ferxiic has a horde of avid EVOS suhaz fans and supporters worldwide who’ve eagerly waited to see his big surprises in coming tournaments.


Blacklist International is indeed proud of OhMyV33nus. In a much-publicized support message, the eSports team bragged that we should all warn our friends/teams that this super-fabulous gamer is here. It’s with good reason that Blacklist International boasts, though; game analysts attest that OhMyV33nus is one the most impact drivers and influencers of Mobile Legends.

John Marr ‘OhMyV33nus’ Villana is highly respected as a team leader. His impeccable dynamic teamwork and support models have left his teams unbeaten in professional MLBB leagues. And as things stand currently, few teams stand the chance of breaking this team’s winning streak.


This widely acclaimed ‘marksman god’ may have limited supports in his home country compared to other teams and gamers in Southeast Asia. This top player nonetheless does have a considerable following of loyal fans among Mobile Legends gaming circles and communities around the world.

MobaZane hails from the USA and leads the BloodThrstyKing company. The team has accomplished amazing world milestones thanks to their superb teamwork and effective game play.


Playing for the Turkish MOBA games team, BEL, Farway has been described as the best in Hanzo.

A notable event in Farway’s career occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. After his teammates tested positive and the whole team lost a match by 0, he did not lose hope. Instead, he went ahead to demonstrate that he is undoubtedly one of the strongest first-kill MLBB players in the world.


Zikry Bin Shamsuddin, aka Moon, is a Malaysian MLBB player and currently a wingman for the Todak play team. This regular season MVP has been an integral ingredient in Todak’s success recipe.

The 22-year-old baby tiger has recently made headlines by spearheading anti-discrimination play campaigns. Aside from that, moon proves that his skills as a mage are legendary, having earned him a spot with several prestigious top and runner-up play teams.  


Jaylord ‘Hatred’ Gonzalez is linked to one of Malaysia’s biggest eSport organizations, GM. His high mechanics and smooth gameplay have carved out an extemporary career, with the highlight being the 2021 world championship, where his kill stats were described as having changed the game completely.


Kiel"OHEB" Soriano has been in the professional mobile legends leagues since 2020. During this short duration, he has won several awards, including the M3 World Championship. He is one of the best snipers in the game who made a huge impact in the regular season of 2021. He is one of the most talented players in the world with raw skill delivering big surprises when you least expect it.

Who Is at The Top of The MLBB League Right Now?

Mobile legends has a huge fanbase. The MVP playoffs, annual tournaments, and international events draw players from many countries. The performance of the participating teams and players are often ranked after each tournament.

The MLBB rankings help keep the spirits of mobile legends alive. After sorting through a bunch of rankings and points, one player sits squarely at the top of the list — OHEB. Even though he had a suspension and everything that followed, he is still a great player and a high carry potential for every team to have in their roster.

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